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Special Episode! 2 Exclusive Opportunities That Will Have a Big Impact on Your Business [CDTV: Episode 7]

  In this episode of CopyDoodles TV, Mike Capuzzi will introduce two exclusive opportunities that will have an amazingly positive impact on your business!

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Direct Mail Design: How to Create Envelopes that Get Ripped Open IMMEDIATELY! [CDTV: Episode 6]

In this episode of CopyDoodles TV, Mike will be demonstrating how important direct mail design is in creating irresistible direct mail pieces that your clients, and potential customers want to open immediately

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Advertising a Business Using Comics or Cartoons [CDTV: Episode 5]

<  Advertising a business using comics can add fun, personality, and personalization into your marketing. Comic strips are among the best read features in publications and making your marketing

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Business Thank You Letters: The importance of showing gratitude [CDTV: Episode 4]

Business Thank You Letters and notes are important to send to clients, colleagues, and customers, not just around the Thanksgiving Holiday. A business thank you letter or note should be sent when you

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Facebook for Marketing: Add CopyDoodles to Boost Response Instantly! [CDTV: Episode 3]

Facebook for Marketing can sometimes be a little harder than you think if you’re competing against all of the other companies that are out there. Stand out from other businesses and use Facebook

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Business Powerpoint Presentations: Spice Them Up With CopyDoodles® [CDTV: Episode 2]

  Business powerpoint presentations can often be long, boring, and plain. In this episode of CopyDoodles TV, I show you how to spice up your Business PowerPoint presentations (or any presentation

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