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Can You Use Costco’s Free Sample Strategy?

The other day, my wife and kids came home from a Costco shopping trip and I noticed they were unpacking several food items I had never seen before. When I asked my wife Becky about it, she informed me

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classic headline

19 Classic Headlines From the 1920’s You Can Use Today

The other day I found myself going through a box of magazines from the early 1920’s, including Success, Physical Culture and Hill’s Golden Rule looking for classic headline inspiration for a project

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An Information-First Marketing Asset Anybody Can Create

If you’ve read any of my past articles, you know I am a big fan of information-first marketing, which is a strategy to educate your idea prospect and elevate your marketing message above your competition. In

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A Conversation About Procrastination

In both my own marketing efforts and the efforts of my mastermind group members and clients there seems to be a growing trend with consumers taking more and more time to make a simple buying decision. While

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The Difference Between Direct Response vs. Agency-Styled Marketing

Yesterday I came across a print advertisement that clearly illustrates the stark difference between agency-created, brand-oriented marketing and traditional direct response marketing. As I will share in

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A Decade of CopyDoodles – How It All Began

Since 1998, I have been helping business owners improve their marketing results.  One of the strategies I learned early on in my consulting career was how important the LOOK of your advertising and marketing

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Use My Nana Strategies to Differentiate Your Business

Recently I went through the “fun” of moving from a house I lived in for over 20 years to a new house.  Aside from having to go through 20 years of collected stuff, I had the distinct “pleasure”

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A Smart Copywriting Tip & Contest Winner Announced

Last week, I hosted a contest to see if anybody could identify the mistake made in a stadium billboard I saw during a baseball game.  There was a smart copywriting tip to be found in the contest. You

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High Impact Marketing Quiz

Marketing Contest: Baseball, headlines and your copywriting

Given the time of year it is here in the States, I thought this article was quite appropriate.  For those of us old enough to remember, back in the 70’s Chevrolet ran what is one of the “best” car

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Personal Marketing Pays Off

If you’ve been a follower of mine for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of connecting with highly personal marketing.  In my opinion, nothing beats a personal, me-to-you looking marketing

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