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Mayan Calendar Marketing Idea and Contest

During a recent mastermind meeting, one of my members, Karen Campbell (, shared the idea of using the Mayan calendar end as a potential marketing idea for business owners. As

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Are You Doing Enough Marketing?

It was one of those “head-slapper” emails, where after shaking my head, I made a mental note to “file it for later use to use as a marketing lesson.”  I’m not picking on the sender (who will

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Two Copywriting Tips for Smart Direct Response Marketers

Smart direct response marketers know the importance of being able to write good, strong sales and marketing copy. Well written, compelling direct response copy is the lifeblood of profitable marketing

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Dan Kennedy Asks Mike Capuzzi to Be Featured in the Next Edition of The Ultimate Sales Letter Book!

I just received an unexpected fax from Dan Kennedy who wanted to know if I was interested in rewriting the chapter on ‘graphic enhancements’ in his classic book, The Ultimate Sales Letter. My

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