52 High Impact Marketing Examples Featuring CopyDoodles®

One of the most satisfying benefits of bringing CopyDoodles to the world are all the amazing success stories and testimonials we’ve received over the years.  The number of high impact marketing examples and campaigns created by our members astound me almost as much as the improvements in response and results these real-world business owners get with CopyDoodles.

I’m just about to put the finishing touches on a new CopyDoodles ebook and I wanted to give you a free copy.  A gift from me to you.


This little ebook is meant to showcase the unique, high impact marketing our members have created and when you see some of these examples, I’m sure you’ll be impressed as much as I was when first saw them.  Folks are putting doodles on every marketing piece they want to draw attention to, including direct mail, books, emails, websites and advertisements.  The kind of things you would expect to see a CopyDoodle on, but then there were the more outside-the-box examples, including:

Using CopyDoodles on broadcast television commercials – A few of our members have done this, but Michael McLean, of McLean Insurance did it first.  As matter of fact, Michael has put CopyDoodles on the side of his office, in his newsletters, you name, Mike’s “put a doodle on it.” Check out one of Michael’s televisions commercials.

CopyDoodles rap video – When CopyDoodles member Greg Russell sent me his “Put a Doodle On It!” rap video he put together (to get my attention), I nearly fell out of my chair laughing (and amazed).  This is a CopyDoodles classic (by the way, the farmer/business guy is a real-life pastor – go figure).

Restaurant menu mailer – One of the coolest uses of CopyDoodles I’ve seen is on the menu of Café 50’s in Los Angeles.  Craig Martin started this retro diner and used CopyDoodles on full-sized menu-mailer he sent via the mail.

Mike Capuzzi CopyDoodles

On a tour bus – Darin Spindler’s marketing defines high impact marketing.  A few years back, Darin did a cross-country road tour of a full-sized tour bus to promote his Kids Bowl Free program and his screened bus artwork included the world biggest CopyDoodle.

Mike Capuzzi CopyDoodles

On a delivery truckGardner’s Mattress & More uses CopyDoodles everywhere, including their delivery truck’s sides and back.

Mike Capuzzi CopyDoodles

On an electric guitar – “Ole’ rocker” & promotional items expert Phil Brakefield gave me one of the neatest gifts ever – a real electric guitar with CopyDoodles on it.  By the way, if you need a high impact marketing gift that STANDS OUT, Phil can create these amazing guitars for you.  You can connect with Phil on Facebook by clicking here.

Mike Capuzzi CopyDoodles

On bottles of wine – Insurance agency owner and expert winemaker, Rich Hauswirth sent me a few bottles of his “CopyDoodle Meritage” this past Christmas.  Very cool (and delicious)!

Mike Capuzzi CopyDoodles


And these are just a few of the cool examples you can check out in this free ebook, 52 High Impact Marketing Examples Featuring CopyDoodles. Enter your info below and I will immediately email you a download link.

BTW, if you have your own example of high impact marketing using CopyDoodles and want to send me an image/screenshot, etc. send me an email and I will see if I can get it in before we finalize this ebook.


A few years back, we put together a 750 page CopyDoodles swipe file book.  It’s huge and contains over 180 examples of high impact marketing with CopyDoodles.  If you want a copy, visit www.copydoodlesbook.com.

If you have your own CopyDoodles unique example or story you want to share, leave me a note below.  We always love hearing success stories from our members!

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