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The Magic of Short Books ($9.95)

The Magic of Short Books shows bricks and mortar/Main Street-type business owners a proven formula for authoring and publishing a customer-attraction short book for their business.

In era of ultra-short attention spans and time-strapped schedules, The Magic of Short Books presents a simple, yet thought-provoking idea for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to publish a book to promote themselves and their business-the customer-attraction short book or shook™. Shooks are uniquely-designed books with a single, helpful focus that are faster to create and easier to read. They are a win-win for you and your readers.


Just Do This ($9.95)

Just Do This is a collection of 77 simple, yet effective marketing ideas for bricks and mortar/Main Street-type business owners to get new customers.

Just Do This enables any type of small business owner to begin to immediately take advantage of the various tactics and strategies within an hour. No matter what type of business you own or market for, the tips found in Just Do This will create a remarkable business with satisfied customers and raving fans.


High Impact Marketing Manifesto ($9.95)

The High Impact Marketing Manifesto is written for bricks and mortar/Main Street-type business owners and shares the principles of High Impact Marketing and how to stand out.

In this short, easy-to-read book, you’ll discover 21 High Impact Marketing rules for creating more personal and relevant ways to attract, connect with and WOW! your leads, prospects and customers. Follow these time-tested rules and you and your business will instantly rise above any competition and be the “go to” choice in your community.


Dog Joy ($12.95)

Dog Joy is a collection of dog rescue stories as told by the special people who rescued them. This book was published by Mike’s daughter, Caroline Capuzzi.

Dog Joy is a collection of heartwarming stories told by the caring individuals who have opened their homes and hearts to deserving dogs in need of a forever home. Each story is shared to inspire others to consider dog rescue and adoption when it comes time to add a four-legged member to your family. 100% of the profits of Dog Joy supports dog rescue organizations featured in the book.