High Impact Marketing Masterclasses & FastStart Masterminds

In 2019, I will be hosting several different, two-day High Impact Marketing Masterclasses & FastStart Masterminds in the Philadelphia, PA area. By definition, a masterclass is taught by a master of that discipline and is generally a one-off special event.

My masterclasses are focused on a specific topic to help you increase your influence and income. The unique combination of a one-day, in-depth masterclass combined with an optional action & implementation mastermind follow-up day is an ultra-effective way to learn and implement the tactics and strategies I will be sharing.

To maximize the effectiveness of the learning and masterminding environment, I limit each masterclass to no more than 20 primary attendees, and given the relatively low fee to attend, seats will fill up fast. My 2019 High Impact Marketing Masterclass and FastStart Mastermind schedule includes:

  • Short Book Success - March 28 & 29 2019
  • Small Events, Big Payday - June 2019
  • Wisdom to Wealth - September 2019
  • Short Book Success - October 2019