High Impact Short Books are a unique type of business book I’ve developed for business owners looking to tap into the magic of having their own book working for them.

These short books, or “shooks™” as I call them, are powerful, high impact customer-attraction books which follow a specific content and design architecture I have developed.

short books

There are many reasons why I believe you should publish at least one shook for your business, including:

Shooks attract your ideal customer target
Shooks are faster for your readers to read
Shooks are easier for your readers to read
Shooks are easier for your readers to understand
Shooks offer additional and helpful information
Shooks get readers to share their contact information
Shooks are easier and faster for you to create
Shooks position you as an “author-ity”
Shooks are a cost-effective marketing asset

Interested in working with me to publish a shook?  Get my High Impact Short Books Information Kit which contains an autographed copy of The Magic of Short Books + a valuable training on the power of customer-attraction short books + a bunch of other goodies!