Life’s Too Short to be Low Impact!

Let’s face it…. most businesses are anything but special and extraordinary.  In today’s over-crowded marketplace, similar businesses disappear into what I call “the sea of sameness,” where it’s hard to distinguish one from the other.   

The result is Main Street mediocrity where customer disloyalty is rampant, and everybody gets paid but the owner.

It doesn't have to be this way!

High Impact Marketing Is The Solution!

I am a 24-year marketing veteran and for the past 20 years I have been a sought-after marketing strategist, consultant and guide to Main Street business owners (retail, professional practice, service-providers) and to owners who serve Main Street businesses (e.g. consultants, software developers, services).

By leveraging my High Impact Marketing tools, tactics and strategies, smart business owners rise above their competition, dominate their market and create financial and business stability most business owners only dream of.

To date, I have helped thousands of business owners around the world create more profitable marketing and advertising and in 2018 I have three unique and specific levels of service and opportunity for you:

High Impact Marketing Club – a worldwide community of marketing-oriented business owners who get my High Impact Marketing tactics, tools and templates every month.

High Impact Marketing Mastermind Groups – the highest and most exclusive access to my 24 years of experience via a year-long small group, marketing mastermind.


I am also the inventor of the wildly successful software product, CopyDoodles®. CopyDoodles are hand-drawn graphic files that enable anybody to literally drag and drop attention-grabbing power to their offline and online marketing.  Thousands of business owners around the world have improved their marketing with CopyDoodles.  Learn more at

I have spoken extensively at marketing events around the United States, and if you’re looking for a content-rich, unique speaker for your in-person or virtual event, contact me at info or by faxing a note to 888.654.9310.