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"You can rely on Mike to bring you a thorough, fascinating, example-rich understanding of this unusual skill-set, and know going in that you'll be leaving infinitely smarter, better prepared and able to improve every piece of marketing media you now own and use and get better results from each new one to come."

Dan S. Kennedy, Marketing strategist, consultant, copywriter

“Since I’ve known Mike Capuzzi, first as a GKIC Member and then as a member of my Titanium Mastermind Group, he’s always been one of the best thought-leaders to help Main Street business owners thrive and prosper. Mike is the type of person who has high integrity, and you can depend on his ability to provide solutions that work!”

Bill Glazer, Author, speaker, consultant


Discover the Power of Shooks™: Short Helpful Books That Are Quick to Write, Easy to Read, and Powerful for Your Business!

Short Business Book Publishing Blueprint

What Is a Shook?

Shooks are my brand of short helpful books that follow a very specific direct-response marketing formula for short business book writing, publishing, and marketing.

Shooks are a superior type of nonfiction business book to publish for:

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEO's and corporate leaders

Shooks are a superior type of book for consumers because:

  • They are focused on a single topic.
  • They can be read in about an hour.
  • They offer helpful bite sized chunks of information.

Shooks are a superior type of book to publish because:

  • They are faster to write.
  • They are easier to publish.
  • They allow interested readers to take "the next step" with you.

3 Reasons Why My Short Business Book Publishing Program Is Different From Others

My short business book publishing service is unique because we are a nonfiction, short book publishing company that only serves business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders and we do so for these three reasons:

1-We only publish short business-building books that can be read in about an hour or two (typically less than 15,000 words) and are written and designed to be a marketing and sales asset. Our shooks follow a classic “direct response marketing” formula.

2-Our business owners/authors are not focused on trying to make money by selling their books, but instead, will leverage the time-tested “free book” marketing strategy and give their book to as many qualified readers as possible.

3-I am your primary point of contact, and you will only work directly with me. With years of experience in short business book publishing, I will guide you through every step of the process, from concept to launch. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve when working with a short business book publishing partner.

Meet a Few of My Short Business Book Publishing Clients

Business book publishing client, Dr. Ashley Lucas

"Mike was there with me every step of the way and made the process as easy as possible. He answered every question I had (and I ask a lot of questions!) and always guided me in the right direction. He has great knowledge and I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks Mike!"

—Ashley Lucas, PhD., Founder of PhD Weight Loss

"Because I worked with Mike, BOTH of my books became Amazon bestsellers, and ended up helping a lot of our members leverage PodMatch better. It was an all-around positive experience, and it excites me for my next book project with Mike!"

—Alex Sanfilippo, Co-Founder of PodMatch.com

Business book publishing client, Alex Sanfilippo
Business book publishing client, Kyong Lee

"Writing my first book with Mike’s help was one of the best experiences of my life. Mike knew exactly what I needed to get things moving and get me to the finish line."

—Kyong Lee, Owner of Nutley School of Music

"Being a former NFL player who has played in and won two Super Bowls, I appreciate high-quality team members who have the work ethic, know-how, and attention-to-detail to achieve the desired goal. You can find no better teammate, coach, and publisher for your book, than Mike Capuzzi."

—John Frank, M.D. & 2X Super Bowl Champion

Business book publishing client, Dr. John Frank
Business book publishing client, Dr. Nancy Zare

"As a seasoned author, I have self-published 2 electronic books and worked with a third-party publisher for both print and paperback editions. By far the best and easiest experience was consulting Mike Capuzzi and Bite Sized Books. The process was easy and quick. I love the result and am getting fabulous feedback."

—Dr. Nancy Zare

"Working with Mike has been fantastic. His structured approach to getting things done really worked for me. I'd wanted to write a book for years, but just never could get started on it. With Mike's tried and true process, he acted as my accountability partner and within one month, I had the book finished."

—Michael H. Smith, Esq. Co-Founder Smith Barid

Business book publishing client, Michael Smith
Business book publishing client, Catherine Tyler-Northan

"Working with Mike Capuzzi was an absolute pleasure and a very genuine, and positive experience. I am deeply grateful for the exceptional publishing experience provided by him. Every step was handled with the utmost professionalism and care, from the initial meeting, submission of my manuscript to the final publishing of my book."

—Catherine Tyler-Northan, Founder of the TylerNorthan Group

"From the moment we first spoke, it was clearly evident that Mike not only knew his stuff but possessed the creative chops to both pull the subject matter out of me as well as help formulate and present it in a manner that would engage readers. Multiple phone sessions, emails and an extremely helpful, easy-to-follow series of modules on his website offered all the information I needed to let my own creative juices flow. From the original idea-percolating session to cover design to marketing your product and everything in-between, Mike Capuzzi is the MAN - period!"

—Bruce W. Greenstein, DMD

Business Book Publishing client, Dr. Bruce Greenstein
Business book publishing client, Julie Steinbacher, Esq.

"Mike Capuzzi is a man of integrity and exceptional insights and ideas. He also has that special character trait of actually doing what he says he is going to do.
Finding key strategic partners for one’s business is one of the surest and safest ways to growing and creating an even more successful business, and you cannot do wrong by partnering and working with Mike Capuzzi."

—Julie Steinbacher, Esq., Partner Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak

"Hiring Mike to assist with your book or marketing is akin to hiring a celebrity to attend a fund raiser for a charitable organization; it may cost more than you want, but the benefits will be 10X or higher shortly after you launch or implement his strategies and techniques garnered from 25+ years in the marketing industry."

—Dominic “Slice” Teich, Fighter Pilot and Founder of Single Seat Mindset

Business book publishing client, Dominic Teich

Want to Meet a Few More Shook Authors and See What They Say About Working with Me?

A Little Bit About Me...

I've been serving my own clients since 1998 after leaving Corporate America to start my own consulting business.

To date, I have helped thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders discover more effective ways to differentiate their businesses, stand out from their competition, and make more money with my unique style of "high impact marketing."

I have also helped more than 250 men and women realize the dream (and impact) of being a short business book author with my proven short, helpful book formula (known as "shooks). Shooks are the ideal type of book to publish because they are easy to create, can be read in about an hour, and offer helpful ways for readers to connect with the author.

I am the author of 20 books, including two international Amazon # 1 Best Sellers, The 100-Page Book and The Magic of Short Books. I am also the host of The Author Factor Podcast where I interviews business owner authors and shares their best tips, wisdom, and insights on how they write and leverage a nonfiction book in their businesses.

Business book publishing company founder, Mike Capuzzi

Mike Capuzzi, Short Business Book Publisher

Learn How Business Short Book Publishing Transforms Your Expertise Into a Valuable Asset That Drives Business Growth


Unlock new opportunities and reach a wider audience through our professional short business book publishing solutions.

The first step to creating your short business book is a no-obligation, fact-finding meeting with me that typically lasts about 15 minutes. You can ask me your questions and I will have a few questions for you.

You can see all the details of my short business book publishing program here. Our streamlined short business book publishing process ensures that your book looks great and resonates with your target audience.

There is no obligation on your part until you have decided to become a client.

I look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, working together to design one of the most powerful and effective marketing assets you can create for your business.