High Impact Marketing Report – July 2014 Preview

The July 2014 High Impact Marketing Report is now available to all High Impact Marketing Club Members.

This month’s High Impact Marketing Report is jam-packed with useful money-making marketing tips and ideas for:

Bricks and mortar business owners
Professional practice owners
And any business owner that has face-to-face contact with prospects and customers

Here’s just a quick sample of what High Impact Marketing Members are getting this month:

On page 2 – this month’s Free Surprise Inside! is a very special interview with the extraordinary Jim Connelly who shares the two questions that can radically and dramatically improve your business forever! You may have never heard of Jim, but he has worked with some of the most notable business people and entrepreneurs on the planet. The two questions Jim shares in this interview changed my life back in 2006 and it’s my honor to bring them to my Members.

On page 3, I share two must-read books, an example of a very good guarantee and the one simple thing that has a dramatic effect on webinar attendance.

On page 4, I show my Members a super-simple and super-effective way to spread the word about your product or service.

On page 5 is this month’s 5 Minute Marketing Letter and it’s all about the power of tip sheets, how to use them and how to create them.

On page 9, I share 3 ways you can show off your customers using photographs.

High Impact Marketing Members get all this and more this month’s High Impact Marketing Report PLUS a private webinar where they can ask me their most pressing marketing-related questions.   My High Impact Marketing Club is the perfect marketing resource for bricks and mortar business owners looking to stand out from the competition and […]

Marketer’s Alert – New Domains Available!

Imagine if you had the foresight you now have as hindsight, back in the late 1990’s when buying Web domains was a new experience. By simply being a bit visionary and picking the right new domains back then, you could have been a multi-millionaire today. Don’t believe me? Check out the top 10 most expensive domain-only sales:

Sex.com $13 million (2010)
Fund.com $9.99 million (2008)
Porn.com $9.5 million (2007)
Business.com $7.5 million (1999)
Diamond.com $7.5 million (2006)
Slots.com $5.5 million (2010)
Toys.com $5.1 million (2009)
Clothes.com $4.9 million (2008)
Vodka.com $3.0 million (2006)
Candy.com $3.0 million (2009)

Sadly (and not surprisingly), sex and gambling-related domains are the biggest money makers.

However the wild west of new domains registration is not over and for some time the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been preparing to introduce a whole new range of generic top level domains you can purchase (or should I say invest in).

I wrote about this last year and it’s time for another profitable reminder. I recently jumped on this availability and secured a few of these new domains, including:



And I have one or two more up my sleeve.  I’ve been trying to get all my Private Client Members to secure potentially valuable domains and suggest everybody reading this do the same.  Think outside the box and maybe you can get the perfect new domain – one that sounds like a big benefit.  For example…





You get the idea.  Now I have no idea of the above are available, which is why you need to check with your domain registrar. Since I use GoDaddy, I can sign up to be alerted when these domains are available for registration. According to GoDaddy, there are over 900 new extensions soon to be available.

As a favor […]

Mediocre Marketing – How to Fix It

In my previous article, I showed you a direct mail piece a new local pizza shop sent out that is a classic example of what I call mediocre marketing. The type of marketing that does little to get a business owner new customers and keep existing customers.

As a matter of fact, I laughed when I read one of my reader’s (Danny) comments that said, “The creative doesn’t capture the essence or explain what the product is. They just mailed out a Chinese food “take out menu”, rather than using the mailer to explain their product and differentiate it from their competition and giving you the unique selling proposition.”

In a case you missed the article, you can read it here.

In the article I also held a contest to see if my readers could identify three big mistakes this business owner made with their mailer.

I am happy to report I have a lot of smart readers and many of you go the right answers. Nobody got all three, but a few got 2 out of 3 (Pat Flynn, Eric, Mike Root, etc.). Thanks to everybody who participated!

I will be sending the following readers a gift box in the mail. If one of these is you, please send me your mailing address so I can send it to you.

Greg Payette
Andrew Mazer
Liza Reekie

So here are the top three mistakes I believe this pizza shop owner made:

Big Mistake #1: The name, Inside Out Pizza, is interesting and sounds like a BIG IDEA, but this mailing piece does nothing to advance the story or concept. They hooked me and got me to notice it, but left me hanging.

Same with reader Eric who said, “Missing the story of what the inside […]

What Mediocre Marketing Looks Like

It pains me when I see a local business owner miss the mark with their marketing efforts and create mediocre marketing that does little to get them closer to their business and financial goals.

If only they spent a few hours reading a few key marketing books and perused web sites like this one, they could dramatically improve their marketing and ultimately their bank account.

The example I want to share in this article is worthy of your time and input since it’s a very typical example of what many business owners consider “marketing.” Had this new business owner read my High Impact Marketing Manifesto, there’s a good chance they would have never made the mistakes they made.

The lessons I am going to share in this article and the follow-up article are instructional (and important) for EVERY business owner.

A few weeks back I noticed a local pizza shop, that had been around for years, was no longer in business. A new pizza shop opened in its location, which is off the beaten path and serves a large, affluent residential community.

As I drove by, the name – Inside Out Pizza – caught my eye, however it wasn’t until I received the following Every Door Direct Mail™ piece did I think about it a second time (click to enlarge).


When I had a free moment, I read the piece with several expectations, which were quickly and disappointingly dashed. What I was expecting (and should have been sent) was not sent and in its place was a typical menu mailer.



Within a few seconds I identified three BIG missed opportunities with this mailer and several minor marketing mishaps and the reason I wanted to write this article and share this example […]

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    High Impact Marketing Superhero Interview with Dean Killingbeck & Shannon Grace

High Impact Marketing Superhero Interview with Dean Killingbeck & Shannon Grace

High Impact Marketing Club Members are in for a special treat this month when they receive this month’s High Impact Marketing Superhero Interview.

Technically this month should be “superheroes,” since I interviewed both Dean Killingbeck and Shannon Grace of New Customers Now. Dean and Shannon are masters of creative and high-response direct mail for bricks and mortar, professional practice and retail business owners. They help their customers create direct mail that gets attention and results.

During this 49 minute interview, Dean and Shannon shared more than 40 examples of unique mailers business owners are sending out and in some cases getting a very high return on their direct mail marketing investment.

This insightful interview, which is available in video, audio and ebook formats focused on three specific uses of direct mail for small and medium-sized businesses.

In-house mailings
Every Door Direct Mail™
Targeted mailings

Dean and Shannon shared some of their best tips and strategies for creating high impact direct mail, including these notable examples.

Newsletter postcards which are a quick and easy alternative to sending out traditional four or eight page customer newsletters.

A very unique campaign built around a competitor’s store closing and a smart business owner letting local folks know his store is a viable alternative (this is extremely smart!).

A super-unique example of giving away “free money” (literally) and how it can work in your favor to drive customers into your location.

These are just a few of the innovative ways Dean and Shannon help their customers create direct mail that gets results and all High Impact Marketing Members should be able to profit from their insights, tips and strategies.  Members will receive a printed overview of the presentation in the mail and can download the video, audio and presentation with […]

Hints on how NOT to create personalized marketing

I am a huge proponent of personalized marketing for bricks and mortar and professional practice business owners and I have outlined many strategies in my High Impact Marketing Manifesto.

Study after study shows that personalized marketing (done right) increases response and results. These days with all the advanced technologies, personalized marketing can go way beyond simply inserting your recipient’s name into your piece.

The more you know about your recipient, the more opportunities you have to craft a hyper-personalized message, but personalization can be a double-edged sword and when used incorrectly, it can have a negative effect.

In this article I want to show you a specific example that appears to be on the right track, but falls way short of its goal.

Some of the best direct mail I’ve seen over the years comes from area auto-dealers, but the example I received above, while it has some merit, is not one of them (click to enlarge).

Apparently this letter went out to service customers (which I am) and at first glance it seems to do a decent job of trying to create a personalized marketing experience by sending a special offer to current customers (this strategy in and of itself is an important reminder).

Specific to the mailer above, let me first identify two positive personalized marketing things they did right.

1)      They are using my name and personalizing the letter to me and not “Dear Customer.” Do not underestimate the power of putting your recipient’s name in print, especially in your headline. It was the infamous, Dale Carnegie who said, “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

2)      They know my year and model of my car, which is a good […]

3 High Impact Marketing Ways to Show Off Your Customers!

High Impact Marketing is all about showing bricks and mortar business owners (and any business which requires face-to-face contact with prospects and customers) how to create bold and unique marketing, which stands out from the masses.

High Impact Marketing also about creating special (and profitable) connections with customers, clients and patients.

One fun and easy way to enhance your relationship with customers AND help prospects understand what you’re all about is to show off your customers with three very specific types of photographs ANY business owner can easily capture.

Trust me, if you follow this advice, these photographs will become valuable marketing assets, you’ll use over and over again.

High Impact Marketing Customer Photo Strategy #1 – Take Photos with Customers
This is so easy to do everybody reading this can start immediately. Essentially you want to set up a system to proactively take photos with happy customers either in your location, at events, etc.

Years ago I purchased a new car and on the day I picked it up, they parked it in front of their dealership and took a Polaroid photo of me standing next to it to put up on their customer wall of fame in the dealership (a High Impact Marketer would do this AND send a copy of the photo along with handwritten card or note as a follow up step).

If you have a physical store, office or location, why not set up a “photo area” where you do your best to capture 100% of your customers during their visit? Make sure you or a key staff member is in the photo too!

You can take these photos inside your location. In front of your location, etc.  For example,

a martial arts studio owner can have an […]

High Impact Marketing Report – May 2014 Preview

The May 2014 High Impact Marketing Report (my print and digital subscription newsletter) is now available to all High Impact Marketing Club Members.

This month’s issue is jam-packed with useful money-making marketing tips and ideas for:

Bricks and mortar business owners
Professional practice owners
And any business owner that has face-to-face contact with prospects and customers

Here’s just a quick sample of what High Impact Marketing Members are getting this month:

On page 2 – this month’s Free Surprise Inside! is perfect for the business owner who uses promotional items in her business (e.g. pens, mugs, etc.). It’s a free gift (worth $78) from fellow High Impact Marketing Member Phil Brakefield and it’s a powerful opportunity to tap into his amazing buying power for promo items.

On page 3, I share an example and a warning about “keeping your marketing real.”   Not following this advice could lead to more harm than good.

On page 4, I share two examples where marketers inadvertently insulted their customers. This is something all business owners need to be aware of and not do.

On page 5, I share a very cool marketing idea I got from a 1986 Gary Halbert letter. I recreated it and am giving all my High Impact Marketing Members my version of the letter, which they can use as a starting point for their very own version of this POWERFUL marketing idea.   ANY BUSINESS OWNER CAN USE THIS IDEA and there’s a 98% probability you have never seen this before!

On page 8, I show you the power of “seeing the world through the eyes of your prospects and customers,” including two useful examples.

On page 9, I share an important Marketer’s Alert about something that could be very important (and profitable) for you.

On page […]

Marketing Minimalism – Do Less Marketing. Better!

I am on a mission to help bricks and mortar business owners around the world create better, more profitable marketing, which is why I wrote the High Impact Marketing Manifesto and created the High Impact Marketing Club.In the Manifesto, I outline four fundamental cornerstones to developing High Impact Marketing for your business.  In this article, I want to focus on Cornerstone #2: Do Less Marketing… better!

At first glance, this may appear to be a contradiction or even blasphemy for a marketer to even utter these words, but it was none other than Albert Einstein who, when describing how to develop a good theory, is said to have asserted, “everything should be kept as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

For much in life, this is not bad advice.

For example, for the past two years I’ve been working out with nothing more than a cannonball with a handle (a.k.a. the kettlebell).  My trainer is Pat Flynn, who during these two years has become an internationally recognized expert on fitness minimalism and kettlebells, taught me the importance of doing the least amount of training to get the most benefits.  I am now a firm believer I can maintain a decent level of fitness and conditioning with nothing more than a single, heavy kettlebell and a place to walk, sprint or crawl.

Compare this approach to all the fancy gadgets and gyms I could be spending my time with or in (as a side note Pat’s Chronicles of Strength blog is quite the interesting read and is recommended if you’re looking for a different approach to getting fit).

While I didn’t realize it initially, I’ve taken the same stance with marketing. I’m a strong believer in doing fewer things in […]

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

It’s a classic line from the original Godfather movie (first released in 1972), uttered by the character Peter Clemenza to fellow thug Rocco who just executed a co-worker in a parked car.  Clemenza was instructing Rocco to get out of the car, leave the murder weapon behind and grab the tasty Italian dessert he brought along.

It was a recent quiet weekend night and when I saw the Godfather was on cable, I had to watch it, since it had been decades since first seeing it.

Clemenza’s order caught my attention for two reasons.

Growing up in an Italian family, I know just how serious they take food and the eating experience.  Italians allow little to stand in the way between them and a meal, so Clemenza’s request is not an unrealistic one and is expected.

The second reason this caught my attention (I literally rewound and played it several times) was the simple picture it paints for the business owner.

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Clemenza’s statement is all about priorities.  In the thugs’ world, the cannoli were more important to them then getting rid of the murder weapon.  There was no doubt or hesitation.

We, as marketing-oriented business owners, should be so clear and decisive.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a director, directing us or a team of writers giving us the perfect line to say next.

We have to do it all on our own.

In my recently released High Impact Marketing Manifesto (which you can get here), I outlined three critical priorities I believe ALL bricks and mortar business owners should follow everyday they’re in business (even though the Manifesto was written for traditional bricks and mortar business owners, it’s applicable to any type of business owner).

The three priorities […]

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