3 Easy, Yet Effective, Strategies To Help Anyone Write Better Copy!

Writing effective and powerful copy is important for ALL business owners and entrepreneurs. I don’t care if your business is brick and mortar, online, huge, or small, your copy has to be persuasive, engaging, and needs to get people reading and acting.

Below, I’m going to share three easy, yet effective strategies anybody can use to write better copy.

The first technique is to create a survey for your customers to fill out and ask specific open-ended questions about your product or service. Then you want to go through all the responses and look for valuable “copy nuggets”, which are gems of copy, written by your customers in their language, as they describe your product or service. You want to look for recurring themes and unique descriptions that you can later use as you write your own copy.

A great way to create surveys is through Survey Monkey (non-affiliate link). Survey Monkey allows you to create any length survey and it will host it online so you can direct prospective or current customers, clients, and patients directly to the survey where you can then analyze the results of, online. You can even embed the surveys into your web page, email them, or more!

What you can do when analyzing your survey results, is to browse through for interesting copy nuggets. Just looking in my own account with surveys I’ve done I’ve found some great items such as, “saves me time,” “keeps the reader engaged,” “quick to use.”

You can also dump all of your survey results out into a report so you can view all of the answers at once and browse through for customer-written open ended responses you can pull copy writing nuggets from to use in your copy.

Another unique way to write better copy is to review comments on Amazon.com (non-affiliate link).

Here’s how this works:

The first thing you want to do is search for books on your topic. Let’s use copy writing as an example.

Recently I went into Amazon.com and just searched for the keyword “copy writing.” When I clicked on the first  book that came up I was able to see all  of the reviews from customers and pull out words, phrases, and triggers I could use in my marketing copy. I always find some great phrases that I may not be thinking of, but customers are.

Just looking at the first review I recently came across, the word, “indispensable” stuck out for me. This isn’t a word I would normally use, but it is a great word to add to my marketing and I can write about how CopyDoodles are indispensable for copy writers.

My last easy copy writing tip is the easiest of the three to use immediately. It has to do with writing email subject lines for your business.

Most of us are doing some sort of email marketing in our businesses and as we write these emails, often times we have our marketer/sales hat on and not our me to you, “I’m a friend” hat on.

The result can be a very corporate and impersonal sounding email and subject line and if your subject line doesn’t get attention, the email isn’t going to get opened.

What you want to do is go through your personal sent emails to friends and family and identify the difference in the way you write these subject lines versus the way you write your business subject lines. Chances are there’s a difference, not only in the words themselves, but also in how they look.

Next time you write a business email subject line, picture your best friend as you craft it, write in that style and see the difference it can make in your open rates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy copy writing tips. Start implementing today to start seeing great results.

I’d love to  hear your easy copy writing tips, too so please leave them below!