I Have Published a Number of Short Helpful Books Specifically for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Leaders

My Short Helpful Books

I've spent decades honing my expertise and discovering what truly drives success in the business world. To share these valuable insights, I have published a number of short helpful books specifically designed for busy professionals like you. These books are packed with actionable strategies, practical advice, and real-world examples to help you achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Each of my short helpful books, or "shooks," is crafted to provide maximum value in a concise format. I understand that your time is precious, which is why these books are designed to be quick reads that you can easily digest and implement. Whether you're looking to boost your marketing efforts, enhance your leadership skills, or streamline your operations, there’s a shook tailored to your needs.

In my short helpful books, you’ll find proven methods and innovative ideas that have helped countless business owners and leaders overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Each book is a reflection of my commitment to helping you succeed by providing clear, actionable insights without the fluff.

These short helpful books will empower you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, drive growth, and stay ahead of the competition. They are designed to inspire and motivate, giving you the confidence to tackle your business challenges head-on!

Short helpful book: The Magic of Free Books

The Magic of Free Books

The Magic of Free Books was written for business owners who have authored a nonfiction business book designed to share helpful information, promote themselves and their businesses, and plan to give it away for free to targeted consumers.

In this 178-page short helpful book, I share proven tactics you can leverage to get your free book into as many ideal readers hands as possible. This is not an in-depth “how to” book, but instead is a collection of short "marketing with a free book" tips.

Short helpful book: The Magic of Short Books

The Magic of Short Books (Amazon #1 Best Seller)

The Magic of Short Books describe the power of authoring a short helpful book (shook™) for your business and shows you how to author, design, publish and leverage a shook in your business. The Magic of Short Books presents a simple and thought-provoking solution which aligns the power of being an author with today’s consumer reality.

Before you write a book for your business, invest an hour of time and read The Magic of Short Books. It’s short on purpose and will open your eyes to a better, faster and easier type of customer-attraction book.

Short helpful book: The Magic of Working Together

The Magic of Working Together

The Magic of Working Together introduces you to business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who have relied on me to help them bring their short helpful book to the world.

Short helpful book: The 100-Page Book

The 100-Page Book (Amazon #1 Best Seller)

The 100-Page Book is about writing a short helpful book (around 100-pages) to attract your ideal customer and getting them to take the specific action shared in your book.

The first part focuses on who I wrote this book for and what my ideal reader will get out of it (including some special gifts). The second part focuses on my 100-Page Book Blueprint and shares the exact recipe I use for my own books and my clients’ books. I also share my best strategies, examples and resources for creating your own short helpful book. The last part shares an effective path forward for you to create your own 100-page book!


Main Street Author

Main Street Author is the ultimate guide for Main Street business owners to author, publish and profit from a short, helpful book.

In era of ultra-short attention spans and critical need to stand out, Main Street Author presents a simple solution for business owners who want to publish a book to promote themselves and their business-the shook™. Shooks are uniquely-designed short, helpful books that are faster to create and easier to read. They are a win-win for you and your readers.

Short helpful book: High Impact Marketing Manifesto

High Impact Marketing Manifesto (third edition)

The High Impact Marketing Manifesto is written for bricks and mortar/Main Street-type business owners and shares the principles of High Impact Marketing and how to stand out.

In this short, easy-to-read book, you’ll discover 21 High Impact Marketing rules for creating more personal and relevant ways to attract, connect with and WOW! your leads, prospects and customers. Follow these time-tested rules and you and your business will instantly rise above any competition and be the “go to” choice in your community.

Short helpful book: Just Do This

Just Do This (second edition)

Just Do This is a collection of 77 simple, yet effective marketing ideas for bricks and mortar/Main Street-type business owners to get new customers.

Just Do This enables any type of small business owner to begin to immediately take advantage of the various tactics and strategies within an hour. No matter what type of business you own or market for, the tips found in Just Do This will create a remarkable business with satisfied customers and raving fans.