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Short Business Book Authors Who Rely On Me

For the business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who wants to be short business book authors, choosing the right short business book publishing partner can be a stressful and overwhelming decision. You don’t want to make costly and glaring mistakes, and you want to ensure your time, effort, and money investments are going to pay off.

The bottom line is working with a book publishing partner should give you the peace of mind you deserve.

While your final decision on who you work with will be based on a gut feeling, I do believe you can never have enough information. It would be my honor to serve you like all the other business owners I have been able to help to date.

To give you a better picture of the types of short business book authors I am best able to serve, here is a brief overview of some of those who rely on us for their short book business publishing.

Short Business Book Authors: Allison Russell

Savvy professional service providers, including lawyers, insurance agents, tax professionals, and financial advisors.


Because these types of business owners offer complicated, in-depth solutions to a variety of issues, and they need to streamline their message into a concise, easy-to-understand format, like a short helpful book. Instead of getting bogged down in heavy details, these business owners need to convey authority and trust in meaningful ways. My short business book publishing system does this by offering just the right balance of information, guidance, and next-step directions.

Forward-thinking healthcare professionals, including dentists, physicians, chiropractors, and therapists.


Because there is nothing like combining impressive academic credentials, established experience, and the power of being a short business book author to create exciting new opportunities for you and your patients. Left on their own author journey, these types of business owners can often get bogged down in the scientific minutiae that confuses readers. My clients rely on my vision of the “bigger picture” to keep them and their shooks on point and on target.

Short Business Book Authors: Dr. Guillen
Short Business Book Authors: Will Friedner

Innovative high-ticket or luxury product/service providers, including retailers, and real estate professionals.


Because high-end/luxury-oriented consumers expect their product and service providers to be different, unique, and known as expert authorities. The more affluent your clientele, the more critical it is for you to correctly position yourself and your offerings and be the author of the type of book that immediately raises your status and celebrity and creates a powerful, magnetic effect that draws these affluent clients towards you.

Coaches and consultants determined to stand out, be different, and be recognized as a valued subject matter expert.


Because the business world is full of coaches and consultants who have little to show why anybody should do business with them and why their vision, methodologies and systems matter. When I work with coaches and consultants, I spend a considerable time helping them uncover what truly makes them special and their unique gifts to be able to help others. Crafting this as the foundation of a short helpful book is one of the most powerful things any coach/consultant can do.

Short Business Book Authors: Dr. Ashley Lucas
Short Business Book Authors: Jeff Arnold

Time-strapped corporate executives and leaders who have an important message to share with their team or the world.


Because corporate executives and leaders do not have the luxury of blindly wasting their time and energy on writing the wrong book. It is critical for these men and women to develop the right “book hook” and then deliver on that promise. These leaders and executives rely on my skills to make sure we have the ideal book plan and then rely on my team to take their vision, thoughts, and ideas to create the perfect short helpful book.

Online entrepreneurs committed to skyrocketing the visibility of their software, services, and brands.


Because online business owners and entrepreneurs must be able to act and react at the speed of the Internet. Rather than laboring for months, or even years, to publish a book, these smart men and women appreciate what a short helpful book can do for their clients, members, and advocates and the brand-boosting awareness, helpful content, and promotional opportunities they can build around their short business book.


Short Business Book Authors: Alex Sanfillipo

Shooks From Some of Our Short Business Book Authors

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How to Join the Rank of These Short Business Book Authors

The first step to creating your short business book is a no-obligation, fact-finding meeting with me that typically lasts about 15 minutes. You can ask me your questions and I will have a few questions for you.

There is no obligation on your part until you have decided to join the rank like some of the other short business book authors you met on this page.

I look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, working together to design one of the most powerful and effective marketing assets you can create for your business.