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The Magic of Short Books (Updated 2023 & an Amazon #1 Best Seller)

The Magic of Short Books describe the power of authoring a short, helpful book (shook™) for your business and shows you how to write, design, publish and leverage a shook in your business. The Magic of Short Books presents a simple and thought-provoking solution which aligns the power of being an author with today’s consumer reality.

Before you write a book for your business, invest an hour of time and read The Magic of Short Books. It’s short on purpose and will open your eyes to a better, faster, and easier type of customer-attraction book.

The Magic of Working Together

The Magic of Working Together is a collection of thoughts, comments, and insights from a few of our shook author clients. See what other business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders say about working with me to publish their very own shook(s)!

The Magic of Gratitude

The Magic of Gratitude contains my handpicked collection of gratitude-inspired thoughts, ideas and reminders which are so important to me that I wanted to share them with you as a gift.

I hope The Magic of Gratitude reminds you of what I consider to be one of the most important characteristics of successful people—an attitude of gratitude.

Open it up and read a few of these pithy proverbs whenever you need an uplifting boost of positivity.