Is Writing a Book the Ultimate Sales Letter Your Business Needs?

In this article I want to share two decades of experience on why I think writing a book can be the ultimate sales letter for introducing new customers to your products and services and business growth.

Writing a Book Is One of the Most Effective Ways to Differentiate Yourself and Market Your Business

Regardless, if you are an experience book author or if you are thinking about writing your first book, this article will give you smart new insights.

As a point of clarification, when I use the term “book” I am referring to a short business-focused book that is about 100 pages long and is strategically written to promote you, your products and services, and your business.

Shook, a short helpful book

Unlike the typical reason many people write books, which is to sell them and make a dollar or two when per book sold, your goal with a book as the ultimate sales letter is to give them away to as many of your ideal readers as possible and make money when they become a customer (client, member, student, etc.). 100% of your focus in creating sales on the “back end” by connecting readers to your business.

You should never worry about making a few dollars “selling” your book.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Believe You Should Write a Book as the Ultimate Sales Letter for Your Business

After working with over 250 business owners, who I have turned into short business book authors, and interviewing another 200+ business owners who have written a nonfiction book on my podcast, I have identified these top 10 most compelling reasons business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders invest the time, energy, and money into using a book as a marketing strategy.

1-Establish Your Authority and Credibility:

Your book instantly positions you as the authority in your field, giving you a new level of credibility that sets you apart from your competitors (since there is a 98% chance none of them have written a book as a marketing strategy).

2. Share Your Expertise and Help More People:

Writing a book can help share your expertise and help more people by providing valuable knowledge and solutions that positively impact their lives and businesses.

3. Position Your Business as the Go-To Choice:

Writing a business book positions your business as the go-to choice by showcasing your unique insights, solutions, and customer success making it clear why prospects should choose you over the competition.

4. Generate Leads and Attract Quality Customers:

Your short book is the perfect strategy to generate new leads and book readers tend to be more affluent individuals who appreciate helpful information and respect authority status.

5. Turn Readers Into Customers:

When you write a book to be the ultimate sales letter for your business, you dramatically increase the odds of converting readers into customers because they will better understand what you do, why you do it, and why its so important to themselves.

6. Enhance Personal and Business Branding:

Writing a book instantly puts you in the enviable expert position of being a published author, which elevates your personal and business brand. Don’t be surprised when people ask you to autograph your book when you give it to them.

7. Build Trust with Potential Customers:

Writing a book, unlike other marketing strategies, gives you the ability to have a long format “conversation” with readers, thereby allowing them to get to know, like, and trust you.

8. Boost Your Online and Offline Visibility:

Once your book is published, you will be able to use in both online and offline to boost your visibility, authority status, and all the reasons why people should choose you. There are few other marketing tools that are as versatile as a book.

9. Generate Media Exposure:

Once you are in the “published authors club” the media, event hosts, and podcast hosts will seek you out as a recognized expert in your industry. Promoting your book to these audiences is a surefire way to get valuable exposure to other audiences.

10. Leave a Lasting Legacy:

Many business owners want to leave a lasting mark that goes way beyond their own career and life. Quality books have a life that is measured in decades of not more. If your goal is to leave a legacy, then you must write a book.

Writing a Book as the Ultimate Sales Letter Essential Concepts

Books have been an effective tool for business branding and a smart  way to offer helpful information on a specific topic for over 100 years with what I call “book-centric marketing.”

Book-centric marketing is a unique and powerful advertising, marketing, and promotional strategy that consists of three foundational parts.

The first part is the book itself (typically given away for free), which is strategically crafted to attract a specific reader who wants to solve a specific problem or gain a specific benefit.

Marketing professionals call this type of book a lead-generation book because its only purpose is to attract quality readers who are interested in a specific topic. This type of book, like I described above, is dramatically different than most business books in its goals, purpose, design, and content.

The second part is a marketing strategy that prominently features and promotes the book as a smart first step in learning more about your products and services. So instead of focusing 100% of the message on the benefits of the products and services, book-centric marketing focuses on “GET THIS FREE BOOK” as the first step.

The third part contains the “next step” strategies to move the reader from simply being a prospect to becoming a customer. These next-step strategies should be part of the book itself and the follow-up marketing after a person gets the book.

When all three of these parts are working together, the result is that your book is indeed the ultimate sales letter for your business.

Writing a Book as a Marketing Strategy Stands the Test of Time

If you are a student of advertising and marketing like me, you will be amazed to learn the history and extensive use of book-centric marketing in the 20th century. In my research, I have found advertisements that have featured a “free book” as far back as 1903, when the Ostermoor Mattress Company offered their book, The Test of Time, to individuals interested in getting a better night’s sleep.

Writing a book stands the test of time ad

For years, the Ostermoor Mattress Company leveraged writing a book as their secrete marketing weapon to promote their free book first and their mattresses second.

Interestingly, Ostermoor, who still exists today, has a website dedicated to all this at

And you can even buy a replica of the original The Test of Time book on Amazon.

Throughout the rest of the 20th century, books continued to be used as strategic marketing tools to get targeted consumers to respond to a specific message because of their precise promise.

Some of the most famous campaigns, brands and individuals leveraged customer-attraction books to promote everything from health-related products to personal self-improvement to garden equipment.

classic book centric advertisements

Business Owner Author Profile–Attorney Julie Steinbacher

Book author and attorney, Julie Steinbacher

Julie Steinbacher isn’t just any elder law attorney. She’s a strategic marketer who understands the power of targeted, value-driven content. With offices throughout Pennsylvania, Julie has published several books and knows first-hand the power of being a published author and creating books to be the ultimate sales letter for her practice.

When she decided to zero in on a niche—helping families affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia—she knew she needed more than just information. She needed a compelling, easy-to-digest resource that would guide these families through their darkest hours. That’s when she decided to work with me to publish not just one book, but instead an entire series, including: You’re Not Alone: Living with Alzheimer’s Disease, You’re Not Alone: Living as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver, and You’re Not Alone: Living with Dementia.

The results?

Within just a few months of promoting her books, Julie received 75 direct book requests and distributed even more at her seminars and local events. These books serve as the crucial first touchpoint in her extended sales funnel. Out of these initial 75 inquiries, 10 led to consultations, and six became clients, adding a $40,000 in initial value to her practice.

And that was just the start. Today, years and thousands of books distributed later, Julie has transformed the marketing of her Alzheimer's disease and dementia services by helping more people with her short business books.

Business Owner Author Profile–Dr. Jaime Whitlock

Short business book author, Dr. Jaime Whitlock

Dr. Jamie Whitlock is an independent insurance broker based out of Ogden, Utah, who helps his clients better understand Medicare. Everything he does is focused on “Stress Free Medicare” and making the complex topic of Medicare as simple and stress free as possible. Even before he worked with me to publish his book, he had already built a great brand around this concept, including his website and his unique 5-Step Stress Free Medicare System.

By breaking down and personally branding his system and book into five logical steps, Jamie can take the complex topic of Medicare and make it as easy as possible to understand. He gives a copy of his “how to guide” to every student who participates in his Medicare seminars, as well as using it as an effective referral tool for those who need increased clarity regarding a highly complex and confusing subject.

His book is a proven and effective strategy for his clients to help them find their best Medicare plan options for his readers. It does this by creating a customized plan that is unique and tailormade to each prospect’s individual needs.

Jaime states, “This has been an invaluable resource for our clients as well as for us to be able to help people understand this widely frustrating and confusing topic. Our prospects and clients love it because it is short, concise, informative, and easy to read.”

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Book to Boost Your Business

I hope by now you are more convinced than ever that writing a book (and creating the ultimate sales letter) for your business is a worthy goal and when you are ready, I am more than happy to have a brief introductory meeting to see if working together to bring your book to life makes sense.

If you are still on the fence about writing a book, consider these 5 questions:

Question #1

Is helping people making smarter buying decisions about your industry’s products/services a top goal for you?

Question #2

Can you list your top 3-5 types of customers (clients, students, members, etc.) you would like to attract more of and identify their needs, pains, and desires regarding what it is you do?

Question #3

Are you able to have a clear, succinct, and persuasive conversation with prospects about your products/services and align your solutions to their specific needs?

Question #4

Can you commit to 24-30 hours to developing the content and working with a short business book writing and publishing expert like me to bring your book to life?

Question #5

Do you promise yourself and your business that you will commit to the persistent and consistent use of the book once its published?

If you’ve answered YES to these five questions then I highly recommend you read either The 100-Page Book or The Magic of Short Books and start your book author journey today. Also check out what some of my clients have said about the impact of working together with me to create their short business books.

Create the Ultimate Sales Letter for Your Business

Writing a book is more than just an opportunity to share your knowledge; it is a strategic business decision that sets your business apart from your competition and elevates your brand.

By establishing yourself as an expert authority in your field, you build trust, attract new customers, and help more people, which results in helping your business.

From understanding the essential concepts of a short business book to sharing all the reasons why I believe so strongly about them, I’ve covered the critical aspects of why your book can be the ultimate sales letter for your business.

The journey from book idea to publication is a significant one, but the rewards are substantial and profitable. I challenge you to take the first step today to becoming a published short book author and experience the transformative impact it will have on your business.

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