Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need

As a marketer of your business, I am sure you’ve heard about the importance of aligning your product benefits to your ideal target customer.

Your goal is to address his or her specific wants and […]

The Power of Intentional Marketing

I recently attended a conference in Orlando where one of the keynote speakers was from the Disney Institute.   Part of his presentation was about the reasons why Disney was so successful and then he […]

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    Jim Connelly’s Two Questions Which Can Radically Improve Your Business

Jim Connelly’s Two Questions Which Can Radically Improve Your Business

Every so often in life you get a chance to meet somebody who has profound wisdom and life insights – not the kind of pseudo-stuff you see all over the Internet and at various […]

Can You Spot the Smart Strategy in this Advertorial?

If you ever wanted a great example of how to design a full page advertorial-style advertisement, the example I am showing in this article should be at the top of your list. For those […]

A Unique (and Effective) Pocket Guide Idea to Swipe

The past month has been a blur with attendance and exhibiting at several events for Infotail (the marketing and sales automation company I co-founded in late 2014).

In preparation for these events, I created a […]

Ode to David Ogilvy

An Ode to David Ogilvy & Marketing Contest

If you’ve read any of my past online articles or newsletter issues, you know I am a fan of the classic copywriters and ad-men of the 20th […]

Essential Follow-Up Marketing Systems

For the bricks and mortar business owner who relies on customers (or clients/students/patients) to walk through his or her business front door to buy products or services, properly designed follow-up marketing techniques and campaigns […]

Ray Kroc & Wisdom from McDonald’s

I recently finished an interesting book and wanted to pass it along to other business owners as a suggested read. The book is titled “Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s” and it’s the […]

Marketing Context is Critical for Maximum Results

One of the principles of marketing I constantly remind people about is the importance of appropriate marketing context.

The term “context” means the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, scenario, […]

Fix Your Follow-Up Marketing

NO business is immune to it and I guarantee everybody reading these words is guilty of either inadequate, or worse, no follow-up marketing. Like a leaky bucket, poor follow-up marketing is draining your business […]


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