A Copywriting Idea from 1928

I love studying the history of marketing, advertising and copywriting and always keep my marketing radar on for smart marketing ideas I can use and share with you. If you simply maintain a constant […]

How the Blizzard of 2016 Can Improve Your Marketing

Here on the East Coast, we were hit with “The Blizzard of 2016.” Where I live, 27 inches of snow fell on Saturday.

Of course if you live in the U.S. you already know this […]

Too Smart for Your Own Good?

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen several occurrences of something all business owners need to be aware, especially if they’re doing it. Chances are you’ve seen the same type of behavior and quite […]

A Good Headline For Your Business

If you’ve read any of my previous articles on this site, you know I am a huge fan of keeping my marketing radar on and scanning all forms of media I encounter daily for […]

5 Ways to Create Handcrafted Marketing

At this time of year, right in the middle of gift-giving season, it’s common to see to a variety of handcrafted gifts available, including:

Handcrafted tools
Handcrafted jewelry
Handcrafted furniture
Handcrafted candies
Handcrafted beers and spirits
Handcrafted clothing

Giving handcrafted gifts […]

An Interview with Cigar “Geek” David Garofalo

Recently, I learned about an extraordinary bricks and mortar business owner – David Garofalo – whose marketing impressed me so much, I reached out to him to see if he would allow me to […]

November Profit Automation Letter Available Now

The November 2015 Profit Automation Letter will be hitting subscribers mailboxes in the next week and this month’s jam-packed issue shows bricks and mortar and face-to-face business owners how to create marketing assets that […]

A Tasty Direct Mail Example from Handy Mailing

Direct mail can be (and often should be) fun if you want your recipients to notice and engage with it. I’ve been preaching the benefits of high impact direct mail (as a matter of […]

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    Direct Mail Example: Does Your Marketing Cross the Goal Line?

Direct Mail Example: Does Your Marketing Cross the Goal Line?

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy getting my mail and looking through all the direct mail examples I receive, because each mailer is like a mini-marketing lesson… if you know what to […]

3 Easy Ways to Engage Readers

In this quick and easy to read article, I want to share a simple, yet powerful strategy to engage readers of your books, newsletters and other printed marketing materials.

I call it the Go Get, […]


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