A unique (and effective) pocket guide idea to swipe

The past month has been a blur with attendance and exhibiting at several events for Infotail (the marketing and sales automation company I co-founded in late 2014).

In preparation for these events, I created a […]

Ode to David Ogilvy

An Ode to David Ogilvy & Marketing Contest

If you’ve read any of my past online articles or newsletter issues, you know I am a fan of the classic copywriters and ad-men of the 20th […]

Essential Follow-Up Marketing Systems

For the bricks and mortar business owner who relies on customers (or clients/students/patients) to walk through his or her business front door to buy products or services, properly designed follow-up marketing techniques and campaigns […]

Ray Kroc & Wisdom from McDonald’s

I recently finished an interesting book and wanted to pass it along to other business owners as a suggested read. The book is titled “Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s” and it’s the […]

Marketing Context is Critical for Maximum Results

One of the principles of marketing I constantly remind people about is the importance of appropriate marketing context.

The term “context” means the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, scenario, […]

Fix Your Follow-Up Marketing

NO business is immune to it and I guarantee everybody reading these words is guilty of either inadequate, or worse, no follow-up marketing. Like a leaky bucket, poor follow-up marketing is draining your business […]

A Copywriting Headline to Help Overcome Procrastination

Being on the lookout (e.g. having your marketing radar always set to ON) for smart marketing you can modify and use in your own business is a worthy use of your time and attention.   […]

5 Marketing Game Changers for Your Business

I cannot help myself, but I love talking to entrepreneurs and business owners. It tends to drive my kids nuts, especially when we’re at a new restaurant or store, but I cannot help myself. […]

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    Marketing Contest: Can You Identify These High Impact Marketing Strategies?

Marketing Contest: Can You Identify These High Impact Marketing Strategies?

In the past, I’ve shown several advertisements for the Jitterbug cell phone because their ads typically follow good direct response marketing laws and design techniques and this recent ad is no different.

This ad in […]

Take This Simple Direct Mail Test & Avoid Costly Mistakes

I will make a professional disclaimer right from the start – critiquing 99% of the direct mail that lands on my desk is like fishing out of a barrel – there’s really no challenge […]


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