Disney Does Doodles (Part 2 – The Answer)

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I want to thank everybody who took the time to study and come up with what they thought the fundamental flaw was.  There were several good and suitable answers to specific marketing flaws in the Disney piece, but the one that really stuck out for me when I read this piece was…

Disney did not give me a reason to RESPOND NOW!

So the big flaw in this piece was the fact they did not create any real sense of urgency for me to take action… NOW.   Imagine if they offered me a choice of a limited-edition Disney lithograph (with a real value of $500) if I were to respond by a certain short-term date.  Don’t you think that would boost response?

Congratulations to the following folks for identifying this oversight:

  • Gil Nelson (winner)
  • Steve Graves (winner)
  • Danny Stusser (winner)
  • Sarah
  • Ken Calhoun
  • Charles Horn
  • Jean


I’m not sure who first voiced the above fact/statement, but it’s a mantra I keep repeating to my clients (and myself) over and over again.

Please Remember This Truth About Human Nature: Inertia Is A Powerful Force!

Ever watch QVC or the Home Shopping Network?  Have you seen the little count-down timer they have on the screen during a sale?  Or they will display the number of units left to sell?

This is done for very strategic reasons, because QVC and HSN both know the challenge of getting viewers to take action.  These visual prompts help create real urgency.

Every time you create a promotional offer or want somebody to do something, you must give them a reason to respond now (or in some specific time-frame).  This is probably one of the biggest mistakes business owners make in advertising and marketing.

They simply feel by creating what (they perceive) is a compelling offer, people are going to get up off the seat, or put down the iPad, or turn off the TV to take action.

Nice thought…. But not accurate thinking.

It should come as no surprise in today’s world, getting people to take timely action is no simple feat, but as a business owner and marketer, you must always be thinking about ways to create “authentic urgency.”

Authentic urgency is about creating genuine reasons why a person needs to respond now.  By creating authentic urgency in your marketing, you’ll overcome the rampant skepticism and cynicism that is all around us.

[NOTE: Authentic urgency is the opposite of “contrived urgency,” which unfortunately we’ve all experienced and is something I am not going to cover in this article.  Suffice it to say… don’t do it.]

There are a ton of ways to get people to take action with authentic urgency, including:

  • Time-based offer built around a holiday
  • Time-based offer built around an event
  • Time-based offer built around the customer timeline (e.g. new customer offer, long-time customer offer, etc.)
  • Limited number of units
  • Limited number of opportunities, seats, etc.
  • Bonus gifts that go away over time

You get the idea.  Just make sure if you state a deadline date or a certain number of units, you stick by it.  I’ve heard of way too many stories of marketers faking scarcity and having it come back and bite them.

If this topic of urgency is of interest, here are a few recommended books:

  • Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini
  • The Science of Influence by Kevin Hogan
  • The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner



Finally, if you’re a bricks and mortar business owner and want to see an example of a time-based offer I created for a special Google+ Local webinar I’m hosting on October 30, click here.

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