Thankful to Be an Entrepreneur

Here in the northeast United States, spring is here. The days are brighter, warmer and new life and growth is happening all around.

As much as I like winter, spring is always a welcomed season and it always causes me to pause and remember just how fortunate we are to be a play some part in this game called Life.

Entrepreneurs, by our very nature, are optimistic, growth-oriented people. We seek out opportunities to serve and help others and in return we’re rewarded in so many ways. What defines “reward” is up to each of us and recently I came across an interesting list that put a smile on my face, which I thought I would share with you.

It was written by real-estate entrepreneur, Jack Miller and it’s titled “What I’m Thankful For.” Here it is for your enjoyment (and reminder).

“What I’m Thankful For” by Jack Miller
• I am healthy, productive and happy.
• I’m surrounded by family and friends who support what I do.
• I live and work in a lovely place that I selected myself.
• I don’t have to commute to work at all. No rush-hour traffic.
• I get to wear (or not wear) anything I like all day long.
• My pay is based solely on how long and productively I want to work.
• I get to start work as early as I want, and to work as late as I want.
• I can take vacations where and when I want without asking permission.
• I have no boss to make me waste my time and do stupid things.
• I get to make all the decisions regarding my financial security and that of my family.
• I am free to take responsibility for all my activities, good and bad.
• I can do what I do in any place in America and in many foreign lands.
• I am able to make more than most of the people in the world.
• Because I work for myself, my company won’t be merged.
• I don’t have to worry about being laid off, down sized or fired.
• My retirement plan is within my control.

Click here to download a PDF of Jack’s article and leave a comment below to let the world know why you’re thankful to be an entrepreneur!

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