A simple example of thoughtful target marketing

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, read my books or seen any of my webinars, you know I constantly preach the critical importance of knowing “who’s your who.”  There are a number of reasons why knowing who your who is important and one particular reason is the notion of what I call “thoughtful target marketing.”

I’m sure you’ve heard of target marketing, which essentially means crafting your marketing message around the pains, wants and needs of a specific target recipient.  It’s a very powerful concept a lot of business owners either forget or ignore.

Thoughtful target marketing goes one step deeper and uses language and imagery to evoke a certain emotion in a very specific recipient.  Whereas many people who will see the marketing message will gloss over the copy and images, for a certain few there will be an instant and powerful connection.

This connection will get their attention (marketing’s difficult first task) and gets them engaged in the message.

One business owner and high-impact marketer who does this right, over and over again, is Richard Hauswirth, owner of Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants in New Jersey. Richard and his team create some of the most engaging and attention-grabbing “Main Street-type” marketing I’ve ever seen (which is why his agency is so successful).

During a recent consulting day, Richard showed me a graphic that shows all his various marketing systems and campaigns and to say I was impressed is an understatement.  His marketing is dialed in and works.

One particular campaign he showed me and one I want to share in this article is a postcard campaign to a very specific target market (which I’m sure you can identify immediately) and illustrates the concept of thoughtful target marketing to a tee.



Richard sends these postcards out by the thousands to local residents of a certain age and as you can see he is doing everything possible in postcard to connect with his “who.”

Notice the retro graphics (including an old-style TV and telephone), references to classic television shows and even a few CopyDoodles® for a little extra personal touch.  NONE OF THIS is done haphazardly and everything, down to the CopyDoodle that encircles the recipient’s address, is done with thoughtful target marketing intention.

The results speak for themselves and when I asked Richard about this campaign he declared it a “big winner.”

So how can you go deeper with your next marketing campaign?  What can you create which will connect, not with the masses, but with the select few you’re really trying to attract?  If you’re dealing with a more “mature” audience, vintage references like Richard is making is a sure strategy for getting your marketing noticed.


I would love to hear about any thoughtful target marketing strategies you’ve used with success.  What little extra thing have you done to really drill down and get a very specific type of person to respond?  I’ve got two copies of the brand new book, Jumpstart Your Creativity by Steven Rowell and Shawn Doyle and I will send to two random readers who leave a comment below.


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