3 Cartoon Ideas for Marketing & Fun

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On the last episode I shared three types of photos you can use to personalize your marketing, and on this episode, I am going to continue  the graphics theme and focus on three types of cartoons I think you should use in your marketing.

Cartoons are a fun and effective way to connect with others and have been used for decades, so get ready for 3 in 3!

High Impact Marketing Idea #1 – Create a Personal Cartoon

The first cartoon I think you should create is a personal cartoon and it was none other than Dan Kennedy who once posed the question, “Everybody ought to have their own cartoon, don’t you think?”

One of my long-time members, Ben McClure, thinks so and several years ago took my advice and created his own personal cartoon which he has used for years to promote his local retail business.

A personal cartoon, which is also known as a caricature, is essentially you turned into a cartoon character. Over the years, I have had several personal cartoons created for me by various artists. Creating your own personal cartoon enables you to put yourself into unique and fun scenes which would either be too expensive or impossible to recreate any other way.

You can easily find a decent cartoonist by Googling “custom caricatures.”

High Impact Marketing Idea #2 – Create a Character Cartoon

The second type of cartoon you may want to use is a character cartoon.

Character cartoons have been used for decades to build iconic brands. If you are not comfortable with creating a person cartoon, a character cartoon is a good option and can be customized to your business.

You can find a cartoonist to create your character cartoon on a website like www.guru.com, or you can use stock cartoons like the ones you can find at www.toons4biz.com.

High Impact Marketing Idea #3 – Create Power Pose Cartoons

The last cartoon idea to consider is what I call a power pose cartoon. These are unique cartoon poses you can customize.

You can add your own photos for a fun look or you can use a personal cartoon. The idea is to have a series of poses, related to your business, which you can customize and use over and over again.

You can find a cartoonist to create them for you or if you like super-hero pose cartoons check out the collection I created for the CopyDoodles Access Club.

So just to recap a few resources for finding a cartoonist or cartoons for marketing, here is a short list. Obviously doing a little bit of searching on the Internet can yield other opportunities.  If you have any other personal recommendations, leave a comment below.


So that wraps up this episode of 3 in 3. I hope you found these ideas useful and got you thinking about how you can use cartoons in your personal marketing efforts, and until next time, keep on marketing!

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