3 Personalized Email Subject Lines That Get Attention

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Welcome to this episode of 3 in 3 with Mike Capuzzi – where you get three High Impact Marketing Ideas in only three minutes!

I’m Mike Capuzzi and thanks for watching.

In last week’s episode of three and three I shared three smart and attention-grabbing email subject lines with you. This week I’m going to share three more email subject lines with you, but the difference with these is that these have personalization. They use the recipient’s name in the subject line which studies have shown is a proven attention grabber.

These are three subject lines I thought were good and I think everybody can use them, so get ready for 3 in 3!

The subject, no pun intended, of personalization in email subject lines is a debated topic.

In 2015,  MarketingSherpa reported email subject lines that had personalization in them had a 29.3% higher open rate across a number of industries.

I like to put personalization in subject lines typically in two situations.  The first being when I am sending what I call a one-off e-mail to somebody in response to them making a purchase or RSVP, etc.  When I want to have a very personal response.

The other time I like to put a person’s name in the subject line is when I want to have a bit of a shock value when I know putting their name in the subject line is likely to get their attention.

High Impact Email Subject Line #1

This first example is a very simple one. The email subject line is “Thank you Firstname” and this is how I would talk if somebody made a purchase and I was face to face.

I’d say, “Thank you Bob” or “Thank you Sue.”

This email subject line is standard one I use in response for somebody buying something, in this case CopyDoodles membership.

High Impact Email Subject Line #2

This second subject line is “Why isn’t Firstname on this list?

I use this when marketing events and someone has been on the list and are going through my emails, but they haven’t yet RSVP’d, or they haven’t yet joined me for the event.

So, I will put their name in the subject line with the message, “Why isn’t Joe on this list?” with the intent of getting their attention and getting them to open this email.

High Impact Email Subject Line #3

This last personalized email subject line is one you have to be careful with.

It’s not one that I crafted myself but learned it from Clayton Makepeace who gave credit to another smart marketer.

The subject line is “Firstname, I thought about you in the shower this morning.”

The context of this is that somebody is going through your funnel but they’re not taking action and obviously they’re on your mind.  You just want to make sure you have the right relationship with your recipient to use a subject line like this.

So that wraps up this episode of 3 in 3.

I hope you can use these email subject lines I shared and if you have any good email subject lines you want to share here, leave a comment below.

Until next time, keep on marketing!

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