3 Software Tools I Use All the Time

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On this episode of 3 in 3, I am going to share three software tools I use all the time and you might find useful too, so get ready for 3 in 3.

High Impact Marketing Tip #1


SnagIt from TechSmith is a great product and I pretty much use it every day.

SnagIt is a powerful screen capture, screen recording and image editing software tool that sells for only $50, making it a no-brainer.

I use SnagIt to capture screenshots of various things I want others to see without them requiring doing anything other than look at the image I sent them.

One thing I use SnagIt for all the time is capturing an image of an entire website, which is very cool.

If there is something on your computer screen you want to capture to an image or video, SnagIt is the best software tool in my opinion.

Check out – http://snagit.com

High Impact Marketing Tip #2


S3 Browser

If you use Amazon S3 or Amazon CloudFront to host files, you know how cumbersome the Amazon interface can be, which is why having a software tool like S3 Browser makes using these storage solutions much easier.

I use Amazon S3 to host large files such as webinar recordings and then create download links to post in my membership site for members to download.

S3 Browser is a freeware stand-alone Windows tool that gives you a simple drag and drop interface for using Amazon S3.  It makes creating new buckets, setting access control and creating downloadable links a cinch.

Check out – https://s3browser.com

High Impact Marketing Tip #3

File Renamer

Another simple software tool I have used for years is File Renamer.  This is a simple little tool that allows you to quickly and easily rename files on your computer.

File Renamer allows you to rename files sequentially, batch rename, modify names, change dates, modify file’s attributes, etc. I use it when I want to rename a bunch of files that have similar, but unique names automatically.

It doesn’t appear this software has been updated in some time, but the version I have used and continue to use works just fine for me.

Check out – http://www.webxpace.com/software

So that wraps up this episode of 3 in 3.

I hope you enjoyed these three tips and more importantly can put them to profitable use in your business.

Remember to check out my High Impact Marketing Club if you’re not yet a member and until next time, keep on marketing!

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