Introducing the Brand New CopyDoodles Access Club!


After more than eight months of hard work, countless conversations with existing members and the development of new content, I’m pleased to announce the opening of the completely rebuilt CopyDoodles Access Club!

The CopyDoodles Access Club is the world’s premier site for hand-drawn graphics and doodles for marketing, advertising and promotions.   First released in 2007, CopyDoodles are the original hand-drawn graphics used by the world’s top copywriters and marketers, including Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas and GKIC to create marketing that gets noticed and responded to.

In addition, CopyDoodles are used by thousands of business owners around the world in both offline and online marketing campaigns.  In addition to the thousands of proven marketing phrases and graphics, there’s also industry niche collections and our first ever foreign language version, Spanish CopyDoodles.

The CopyDoodles Access Club is a software system that allows members to search through, colorize and download from a database of thousands of hand-drawn marketing phrases and graphics. You can even add CopyDoodles in your Facebook posts.

CopyDoodles members also have access to our unique collection of handwriting fonts, animated CopyDoodles, our royalty-free comic collection and our unique Generators, which allow members to create their own personalized and customized graphics on-the-fly.

CopyDoodles list

With this new version of the CopyDoodles Access Club, we’ve made it easier than ever before to search for and use CopyDoodles in your marketing.  You can check out our Top 21 CopyDoodles Access Club enhancements by clicking here.  For more information about CopyDoodles, please visit

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