LinkedIn Combined with Podcast Guesting for Book Author Marketing


LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to make real connections that can lead to meaningful business relationships. In a recent episode of a popular podcast, the question of whether to aim for the most connections or the best connections on LinkedIn was discussed in depth.

My guest on this episode, Daniel Alfon author of the book How to Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success, noted that there is a significant difference between having the largest number of followers on LinkedIn and having a personal network of meaningful business relationships. While having a massive number of followers can be tempting, it's often impossible to establish authentic interactions with that many people.

Instead, Daniel emphasized the importance of developing a real-life network of 80 to 1200 individuals on LinkedIn. This personal network allows you to leverage referrals and introductions to other potential business contacts and clients. This type of networking can be much more valuable than just adding more and more followers.

Daniel suggests that non-fiction book authors can use LinkedIn effectively by focusing on authenticity and integrity. Important tips offered during the episode include posting content regularly, engaging with other users, and being mindful of bot-generated communication with new connections.

LinkedIn can also be used effectively in conjunction with podcasting. Through the use of a platform such as PodMatch, podcast hosts can connect with potential guests and vice versa. This can lead to high-quality interviews, a more prepared and productive show, and potentially even future business opportunities.

Daniel notes that while LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, there is a need to know when to leave the platform and communicate with potential clients and connections directly, such as through email or phone calls. It's important to use LinkedIn in a way that is genuine and authentic and to focus on building a personal network of meaningful business relationships rather than just accumulating a large number of followers.

In conclusion, this podcast episode demonstrates the potential power of LinkedIn for individuals and businesses alike. By focusing on building real-life business relationships and using tools such as PodMatch, individuals can use LinkedIn effectively to build a network of meaningful connections and grow their business.

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