Marketing Tips- 6 Reasons Why Disney is a Great Company (Part 2 of 3)

If you ever get the opportunity to be a part of a Disney Institute program, I highly recommend it.  Earlier this week, my Elite Experience Mastermind Group spent two days at Disney, including a half-day “behind-the-scenes” tour of the Magic Kingdom, where our hostess shared the little-known, but rather profound strategies Disney employs to make each and every guest feel welcomed.

The tips I am sharing with you in these posts are the ones our group felt were the most relevant to their business (and your business!).  With that in mind, here are the next two strategies learned:

3) Foster an environment of idea sharing
Disney is very big on promoting the idea of sharing ideas from within its “cast member ranks.” (By the way, there are no Disney employees – they are all cast members, which fosters a stronger feeling of ownership.)

No matter what job function a cast member is performing if they have an idea that could improve the Disney Experience, they want to hear it.  They make this simple and accessible to all cast members and our hostess shared several examples of how the sharing of ideas has benefited the guest experience at Disney.

This concept of idea sharing is critical for entrepreneurial success, which is the reason why mastermind groups exist.  To give forward-thinking entrepreneurs a chance to share their ideas and get feedback from the group.

So here’s two ideas for you to consider:

–    How can you foster idea sharing within your business and amongst your employees.  How can you tap into their experience and wisdom to improve the overall experience?

–    Get plugged into a formal mastermind group or form your own!  The amazing success I’ve experienced over the past several years is directly attributed to my participation in several mastermind groups. If you are not familiar with the mastermind concept, read Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich.

4) Create a “behind-the-scenes” experience for your customers
Another big ah-ha we went home with is to determine if you have an opportunity to share your own “behind-the-scenes” experience with a segment of your customer base.

Disney is able to create new revenue streams without having to change anything they are already doing.  By simply giving interested individuals a chance to see how they do things, Disney has created a business within itself.

One of our mastermind members already does this in her business.  She runs an extremely successful elder law practice and for a high-priced fee, she invites other elder law attorneys to visit her office and spend a few days learning how she runs her business.

Do you have such an opportunity in your business?  Can you share some of your own business magic, help others and get paid handsomely to do so?

It’s definitely a mental exercise you should consider.

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