3 Event Pros Who Can Transform Your Next Event

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On last week’s episode I shared my Bill Glazer Outrageous Campaigns Live experience and while at this event, I reconnected with individuals who helped make Bill’s event amazing.

On this episode, I am going to share their information because if you do events these three remarkable people can make them special, so get ready for 3 in 3!

High Impact Marketing Tip #1

Pulling off a great event is no easy task and it takes a team of professionals to make an event remarkable.

I’ve known each of these pro’s for more than a decade and each of them get my highest level of recommendation!

The first person is Sherrie Sokolowski, who you may know as Bill Glazer’s assistant back in the old Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle days.

Sherrie started her own event planning business several years ago and she travels around the country managing some of the best-known events.

She is an amazing event planner and if you need help, you cannot go wrong hiring Sherrie.

Sherrie Sokolowski

SLS Event Planning and Consulting, LLC





High Impact Marketing Tip #2

The next event pro is Miroslav Beck. I have known Miroslav since 2007 and he owns an audio/video services company out of Florida.  Miroslav does the A/V for several large events, including the turning the recordings into products.  Here is his information:

Miroslav Beck

Beck Audio Visual Services, LLC



High Impact Marketing Tip #3

The last pro is somebody you may recognize, Ed Rush.  Ed is an amazing emcee and/or keynote speaker.

I’ve known Ed since 2007 (this is a picture of an event we did in the summer of 2007).

Ed is a tremendous guy and former Marine Corp. fighter pilot, so he has some great stories to share with your audience.

If you’re looking to add a high-level of energy to your next event, Ed is your guy.  Here is his information

Ed Rush & Associates, LLC




So that wraps up this episode of 3 in 3.

I hope you enjoyed these three tips and more importantly can use these folks for your next event.

Until next time, keep on marketing!

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