3 Tips to Find the Perfect Domain Name

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Welcome to this episode of 3 in 3 with Mike Capuzzi – where you get three High Impact Marketing tips in only three minutes!

I’m Mike Capuzzi and thanks for watching.

On this episode of 3 in 3, I am going to share three tips for finding the perfect website URL and the various strategies I use to find a great URL

So, get ready for 3 in 3!

High Impact Marketing Tip #1


My first tip is LeanDomainSearch.com, which gives you a super-simple way to generate a variety of available domain names based on keywords you enter.

This site is useful because it gives you an immediate visual list of possible domains you can register based on your keyword.


Check out www.LeanDomainSearch.com.

High Impact Marketing Tip #2

My second tip is a website that has earned its way to being bookmarked on my web browser because of it’s useful functions.

InstantDomainSearch.com gives you quick access to a variety of tools including a list of possible domains you can register or buy.

I like using the Extensions feature, which gives you an at-a-glance visual of all the domain extensions available for your keyword.

This site also has a Generator tool which can help you brainstorm other ideas for your perfect domain.

Check out www.InstantDomainSearch.com.

High Impact Marketing Tip #3

My last tip isn’t one I have used personally, but one of my mastermind members recommended it when looking for help in finding your perfect website domain or even tagline or logo.

SquadHelp.com allows you to create a naming contest to engage hundreds of naming experts – fast.  These experts compete, suggesting great name ideas, and at the end of the contest, you select one winner.

They also have a collection of premium names available for immediate purchase.

Check out www.SquadHelp.com.

So that wraps up this episode of 3 in 3.

I hope you enjoyed these three tips and more importantly can put them to profitable use in your business.

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Until next time, keep on marketing!

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