Free Teleseminar with Online Conversion Guru – Daniel Levis

On Thursday, April 2, 2009, I am pleased to host a complimentary teleseminar with online conversion expert Daniel Levis who will help you more leads, more sales, and more profits!

Register here and discover: “How to Grow Your Customer and Prospect Lists Online 4 to 7 Times Faster, Without Spending a Thin Dime More on Traffic!”


The lifeblood of your business is your list of customers and prospects…

Wouldn’t it be great to grow it faster?

According to the Internet Marketing Center’s 2006 survey, online advertisers are capturing contact information from an average of between 5% and 10% of the people who visit their websites, and of those, only 1% to 2% become paying customers.


How would you like to uncover a little known way to do 4 TO 7 time better… without having to attract a single additional visitor to your web site?

Well that’s just one of the profit boosting secrets you’ll discover at a free teleseminar I’m hosting this coming Thursday where I’ll be grilling web copywriting and conversion expert Daniel Levis.

Click here now to register:


Daniel is one of the HOTTEST online copywriting specialists I know …

Where most people would be thrilled to turn 1% to 2% of their website visitors into buyers, Daniel’s clients enjoy conversion rates as high as 10%!

His online sales strategies are so good his private clients routinely fork out $17,500 for a single web marketing campaign — plus a cut of the sales.

That’s actually peanuts, when you consider one of his clients rakes in over $5 million a month!

And on this call, Daniel is giving away a complete 5 step strategy for supercharging the selling power of your ENTIRE web presence that he says ANYBODY can use to instantly begin growing their online sourced lists up to 7 TIMES FASTER than just about everybody else!

If you’re sick and tired of waiting for for the day your web site finally begins making more sales… generating more traffic… capturing more HIGH QUALITY leads… and bringing in more customers like clockwork while you goof off and enjoy the profits…



Plus, if you’re quick, you can erupt your online sales and profits before the call even begins.

Be one of the first 250 to register, and you’ll also get free, instant access to over 30 minutes of hard core conversion training on streaming video…

Steal Daniel’s simple, but highly effective 5 Step process for creating websites that sell and put it to work in your business.

Sign up for these exciting training opportunities at the below link. There’s no cost to get in. 


See you on the call…
P.S. By the way, most free teleseminars are thinly disguised sales pitches with crappy information. I refuse to get involved with that kind of junk.

This is quality information that will be recorded and sold at a later date, and it can give you a real edge.

Register NOW!


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