More Recent Direct Marketing Examples That Caught My Eye – Part 2

Last week I wrote about the importance of constantly being on the lookout for smart direct marketing examples you can use in your business. I call this your “marketing radar.”

I want to continue sharing a few cool direct marketing examples that recently caught my eye, including a really smart online up sell strategy that got me to spend more money.

To download a high-resolution version of these direct marketing examples, click here.

This direct marketing example came to me in the mail from Google. Inside, Google is giving me a $100 credit to try out AdWords. This in and of itself is a smart strategy, but what I like the most about this direct marketing example was the fact Google showed me the “gift card” through the envelope. They did not hide it in the envelope but instead used the window to allow me to see it.

Many direct marketing examples and packages I critique for clients make the mistake of hiding the big benefit inside an envelope that offers no indication of what’s inside. If you’re sending something valuable in the package, make sure the recipient knows about it on the outside of the package!

This next direct marketing example was a fun-looking piece I received after enrolling in Cigars International Cigar of the Month club. They sent me my own “passport” in the welcome package, which reminded me of all the benefits I was going to receive. Very smart and fun strategy for those of you who offer membership packages and one I am going to swipe for future use!

Finally, this last direct marketing example is one that blew me away (and got me to open up my wallet to spend even more money). It comes from Cigars International again, and after placing my online order, rather than present me with a typical upsell offer, they asked me if I wanted to play their “Whack-a-Deal” game which is a variation of the classic ‘whac-a- mole” carnival game.

Words cannot due this justice, so check out this video I captured as I went through the process.

So there you have several unique direct marketing examples, which I hope can help you in your marketing. If you have any other direct marketing examples you’d like to share with me, leave me a note below!

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