High Impact Marketing Report – May 2014 Preview


The May 2014 High Impact Marketing Report (my print and digital subscription newsletter) is now available to all High Impact Marketing Club Members.

This month’s issue is jam-packed with useful money-making marketing tips and ideas for:

  • Bricks and mortar business owners
  • Professional practice owners
  • And any business owner that has face-to-face contact with prospects and customers

Here’s just a quick sample of what High Impact Marketing Members are getting this month:

On page 2 – this month’s Free Surprise Inside! is perfect for the business owner who uses promotional items in her business (e.g. pens, mugs, etc.). It’s a free gift (worth $78) from fellow High Impact Marketing Member Phil Brakefield and it’s a powerful opportunity to tap into his amazing buying power for promo items.

On page 3, I share an example and a warning about “keeping your marketing real.”   Not following this advice could lead to more harm than good.

On page 4, I share two examples where marketers inadvertently insulted their customers. This is something all business owners need to be aware of and not do.

On page 5, I share a very cool marketing idea I got from a 1986 Gary Halbert letter. I recreated it and am giving all my High Impact Marketing Members my version of the letter, which they can use as a starting point for their very own version of this POWERFUL marketing idea.   ANY BUSINESS OWNER CAN USE THIS IDEA and there’s a 98% probability you have never seen this before!

On page 8, I show you the power of “seeing the world through the eyes of your prospects and customers,” including two useful examples.

On page 9, I share an important Marketer’s Alert about something that could be very important (and profitable) for you.

On page 12, I show another powerful marketing idea, in-use and one I will be talking more about in the future (why you should be encouraging your customers to send you “marketing selfies”).

High Impact Marketing Members get all this and more this month (including a private webinar where they can ask me their most pressing marketing-related questions).   My High Impact Marketing Club is the perfect marketing resource for bricks and mortar business owners looking to stand out from the competition and improve their marketing results!

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