Finding Purpose and Spreading Hope: A Journey Through Writing and Entrepreneurship


Welcome to a new episode of The Author Factor Podcast. This week, we dive deep into a topic that affects many of us: helping someone we love with cancer. The topic is inspired by the story of Joel Hughes, a bestselling author with a unique approach to helping cancer patients and their caregivers.

In this episode titled "Help: Someone I Love Has Cancer. How You Can Really Make a Difference.", Joel Hughes shares about his experience as an author and a caregiver to his wife who has stage four breast cancer. He talks about how his writing has not only been a catharsis for him but has also helped him understand what many caregivers go through. His two books, "In Your Corner" and "Don’t Mind Me" provide support and hope to both caregivers and patients.

One of the main notions in this episode is how caregivers feel overwhelmed and alone when dealing with this illness. Joel believes that it doesn't have to be that way, and we can all do something to help someone we love. He shares some practical tips on how to support a person with cancer, as well as insights into how to deal with the stress and exhaustion that caregivers often feel.

One thing you'll notice throughout the episode is Joel's positive attitude towards life in the face of incredible challenges. He highlights the role of hope in his life, and how that hope has been the driving force behind his books and projects.

If you are looking for ways to help someone you love through a difficult health situation, whether it be cancer or something else, we highly recommend giving this episode a listen. Joel's insights and experience will provide you with valuable resources and strategies to make a real difference in the lives of others.

For more information on Joel's books, visit his website or check them out on Amazon.

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