Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell Unleashes the Author Factor: 3 Essential Takeaways


Meet Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

Lanita Mitchell Blackwell, an award-winning attorney, CPA, ordained minister, and the author of the nonfiction book "Live Life on Fire."

Key Author Factors From Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell:

1. Achieve True Work-Life Balance:
Lanita Mitchell-Blackwell shares a critical lesson from her own experience of burnout and recovery. Her insights emphasize the necessity of prioritizing mental and physical well-being through practices like breathing, silence, and meditation. This balance is essential for sustaining long-term success without detrimental personal costs.

2. Live by Your Own Standards:
- Lanita underscores the importance of defining success on your own terms rather than adhering to external expectations. This shift from pursuing a "perfect life" to an "excellent life" can greatly reduce dissatisfaction. Leaders should encourage both themselves and their teams to identify and honor individual goals, thereby fostering a more fulfilling and engaged workforce.

3. Leverage Your Expertise to Inspire Others:
With her extensive background and multiple publications, Lanita demonstrates the power of sharing personal and professional journeys through writing and public speaking. Business leaders can enhance their influence and create additional revenue streams by authoring books and engaging in motivational speaking, serving as role models and mentors to aspiring professionals.

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