Boosting Business Profits: The Pathway to Success (with Marcia Riner)


On this episode of The Author Factor Podcast, I am joined by Marcia Riner, CEO of Infinite Profit Consulting, and author of "Boosting Business Profit: The Pathway to a Highly Profitable Business".

In this episode, we dive deep into Marcia's expertise in helping business owners become profitable and successful.
Marcia is not just an author, she is also a certified financial planner and business growth strategist. Her book, "Boosting Business Profit: The Pathway to a Highly Profitable Business" is packed with strategies and tactics that can help businesses increase their revenue, profit, and overall value.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation in this episode is that most businesses focus on too many things rather than what truly drives profit. Marcia emphasizes that business owners need to focus 80% of their resources on activities that are proven to drive profit. She mentions that there are fundamental things that can make huge changes to a business if they are tweaked or implemented. Marcia has a tool that shows how small incremental changes to important areas of a business can boost profits exponentially.

Marcia also talks about the importance of messaging in converting leads into customers. She emphasizes that businesses should show potential clients that they understand their problem and have a step-by-step solution to solve it. Providing valuable information to validate a prospects decision before making a purchase can make a business stand out.

If you're a business owner struggling to become profitable, I highly recommend listening to this episode. Marcia's insights are invaluable and could help take your business to the next level. In addition to her book, Marcia also offers a range of services including coaching, marketing, and consulting.

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