BRAND NEW: Masters of the Mastermind

You know what I love about my business?

I get to wake up every day to do something I love.

I get to work with business smart, action-oriented mastermind group members to do the things that enable them to reach their goals and dreams.

Masterminding with smart people is one of the most satisfying things in the world to me. I’ve been doing it since 2006 and it’s truly a WIN-WIN opportunity.

My members get to build a stronger, more profitable business and I’ve been highly-compensated for helping and leading them.

It really is amazing and I’m very lucky that I’m doing something that I love – leading high-level, high-fee mastermind groups.

The almost indescribable “magic” that happens when smart people get together, focused on a common effort is a very real and important force for our society and businesses, and I contend the world needs more smart people getting together and focused on and providing solutions for challenges we face, and I believe we need more correctly-formed mastermind groups to come together and achieve great things.

This is why I’m hosting the 6-Figure Mastermind Academy – to give business owners, who want to add this highly-profitable side business to their current business, my proven blueprint and formulas for success.

As part of this effort, I recently interviewed 14 “masters of the mastermind.”  These are smart and successful business owners who have leveraged paid mastermind groups in their business, including:

  • Iman Aghay
  • Dave Frees
  • Ben Glass
  • Bill Glazer
  • Karyn Greenstreet
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Donna Kretch
  • James Malinchak
  • Sherman Ragland
  • Robin Robins
  • Michael Rozbruch
  • Yanik Silver
  • Robert Skrob
  • Julie Steinbacher

I asked each of them the same questions, about the business of paid mastermind groups, and their unique views, ideas and tips are worth their weight in gold.

Here are a few of the smart ideas you will find within the interviews in Masters of the Mastermind.

  • At 8:00 minutes into his interview, Iman shares one of the MOST important things you need to do before starting your paid mastermind group.
  • At 11:45 minutes into his interview, Dave offers his reason to get started now with your own paid mastermind group.
  • At 2:20 minutes into her interview, Karen shares three big reasons why you should start your own paid mastermind group.
  • At 12:11 minutes into her interview, Donna’s big mistake she initially made, which you definitely don’t want to make.
  • At 5:50 minutes into his interview, James reveals how to figure out what your mastermind group should be all about.
  • At 8:45 minutes into his interview, Sherman reveals the #1 thing you should do BEFORE starting their own paid mastermind group.
  • At 7:25 minutes into his interview, Michael describe his takeaway strategy for selling mastermind groups at events.
  • At 3:44 minutes into his interview, Yanik reveals what you must think about before starting your own group.
  • At 13:39 minutes into his interview, Robert shares the right way to sell your mastermind group.
  • At 4:30 minutes into her interview, Julie describes why she loves running a paid mastermind group in addition to her core bricks and mortar business.

And there is much, much more including some exceptional insights from Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Robin Robins.

For a limited-time you can get all the transcripts and audio recordings of these interviews, as a digital download for the special price of only $20.  This is a $79 savings off the normal price.

If you are considering getting into the paid mastermind group business, these interviews are must-have to help you formulate a plan of action.

If you are already in the paid mastermind group business, I know you will find valuable nuggets to improve your group and for only $20, it’s a no-brainer to grab.

Get your digital copy of Masters of the Mastermind today, before the price goes up and don’t forget to check out the 6-Figure Mastermind Academy.

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