Need to Get Attention? Send a Greeting Card!

A great way to capture the attention of your readers and to strengthen the personal bond you have between your followers or customers is with the use of greeting cards. Greeting cards typically evoke positive emotions with people, which will help with getting your message noticed and read.

The great thing about using greeting cards in business is that you can use them for any reason; a customer’s birthday, a holiday, as a thank you, or just for fun. Recently, I sent out a greeting card for my birthday, offering my list a gift because it was my birthday. Definitely a twist, but folks liked it and response was very good!

I have received a number of fun greeting cards over the years and today I want to share with you a few unique ways you can send greeting cards to your customers, prospects, patients, or clients. You may even be able to grab a few ideas for the upcoming holidays of Easter, Passover, and Earth Day!

Use Handwriting Fonts to Personalize Your Message!

If you’re sending out a number of cards to your list during the holidays, hand writing each and every single one could take a very long time. A great way to personalize your cards is to use handwriting fonts or our own brand of handwriting fonts, CopyFonts.

The below card I received this past Thanksgiving from David Cathers. He used one of our Punch-Out CopyComics on the front of the card and then typed up a message using one of our CopyFonts for an attention-getting, fun and personal note.

Use CopyDoodles to Make Your Cards Stand Out!

Strategically placing CopyDoodles throughout your greeting cards will not only capture your readers’ attention, but they will make your cards more fun as you can see in the below Birthday card created via SendOutCards.

The below card has a mix of CopyComics, CopyStamps, and CopyDoodles.

There are a number of card-specific CopyDoodles that can be found in the ExpressionDoodles collection in the CopyDoodles Access Club.

To access them:
1. Log into the CopyDoodles Access Club
2. Hover over CopyDoodles and choose “ExpressionDoodles” from the drop down menu
3. Start using all of the great greeting card doodles today!

Not a member of the CopyDoodles Access Club, but want to add these GREAT personalized, handwritten graphics to your cards? Find out more about becoming a member at!

Use CopyComics to Add Humor!

CopyComics are royalty-free comics we’ve created for CopyDoodles Access Club members and they are great images for all your cards no matter the occasion. Since you can easily change the taglines on the bottoms of all the comics, you can create birthday cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, and more with your own message (or even with your recipient’s name in the tagline)!

The images are then perfect for the front of the card, like the birthday card I received last week from CopyDoodles user, Alan Steacy, or even for the inside of the card.

Send Die-Cut Cards to Ensure a Card Like No Other!

Die-cut cards will definitely look different than any of the other cards your recipient receives, especially during the holidays and during birthday when they may be receiving a number of different cards and messages in the mail.

The below card was created by Mike Schnitzius of Mikel Mailings as a thank you card this past thanksgiving. As you can see, the front of the card looks like two doors, which you then open and can see the message inside, written and personalized with one of our CopyFonts.

These are just a few of the many great greeting cards I have received recently. To view a recent CopyDoodles TV Episode on using greeting cards in your business visit:

AND, since Mike’s away this week at InfusionCon in Arizona in the nice warm weather, your CopyDoodles Success Coach Lauren is giving you a very special offer, only catch, don’t tell Mike! Just check out the above episode of CopyDoodles TV to find out exactly what she’s giving you. Let’s just say it’s a deal you don’t want to miss — two great products for the price of ONE!

To download a PDF of several different examples and ideas, visit:

Some helpful hints and tips for printing greeting cards:

  • Use SendOutCards – many of the above cards are printed using and using CopyDoodled images and fonts
  • For die cut cards like the above Thanksgiving Day feast card, we use Mike Schnitzius of Mikel Mailings here in Downingtown, PA. You can also get a small selection of die cut postcards and prints at online printers such as
  • Make your own! – You can get greeting card kits at office supply stores and print from your home or office printer and get great results. This is perfect if you’re only sending out a few cards for birthdays or as thank yous

Have you used greeting cards in your business? If so, what types of holidays, events, or more did you send them out for? Please leave all your comments below.

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