Announcing My Six Figure Newsletter Publisher Blueprint Workshop

If leveraging and monetizing your expertise and passion, while having the freedom of a life-style oriented business, interests you I want to invite you to learn more about my upcoming Six Figure Newsletter Publisher Blueprint Workshop.

mike capuzzi

Being a paid newsletter publisher is one of the smartest and most profitable business decisions I’ve ever made and this coming October 21 I’m going to host a one-day workshop where I’m going to show you how you can create and publish your own offline newsletter for profit.

I realize this type of workshop appears to contradict what seems to be conventional wisdom these days like…

  • Nobody wants to read.
  • Nobody wants a printed newsletter.
  • Nobody wants to pay for information.

A closer study of successful newsletter publishers reveals quite a different picture and if the notion of being a paid print newsletter publisher interests you, this one-day workshop will show you everything you need to build a six-figure newsletter publishing business, including:

  • Identifying a target market who’s willing to pay for your newsletter
  • Newsletter publishing 101
  • Content creation strategies
  • Publishing strategies
  • Essentials of a killer front-end offer
  • Subscriber retention strategies
  • How to use your newsletter as a promotional platform
  • How to create a membership program around your newsletter
  • How to create spin-off products from your newsletter
  • And a whole lot more, including a one-of-a-kind workshop manual!

This is not a workshop focused on desktop publishing or how to create a free customer newsletter.

This is all about showing you how to build a paid newsletter profit-center and will be 100% “take it to the bank” content.  I will be the only presenter the entire day (and I’ll even include breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day!).


When you return home, you’ll have a clear picture on how to setup and profit from your own print newsletter publishing business immediately.

Getting into the paid newsletter publishing business can be a game-changer for you.

Pictures from my recent info-marketing workshop

mike capuzzi




Here’s what attendees of my most recent info-marketing workshop had to say about it

 “Mike Capuzzi is synonymous with great quality, actionable and profit-producing information, strategies and tactics and this workshop was no exception.  I came away with a clear blueprint and list of action items – not some nebulous ideas.  Between the first and second day I started a new info-product!”
Dave Frees

“I really enjoyed these two days.  The information was very exact and to the point.  The mastermind hot seat helped me look at the Latino side of my business.  Thanks.”
Gerry Pruneda

“I came in just starting to dip my toes in the info-marketing water with a partial plan in place.  After the workshop, I do have a clear plan and I am ready to jump in with confidence.  Thank you Mike!.”
Jon Toy

“I left Mike’s info-marketing workshop with two, confirmed specific actions to implement in my new business model, which incidentally became much clearer during the workshop. As always, Mike has figured out a way to out-do himself.”
Phil Brakefield

“Mike, you are a great group leader and have a knack for helping idea generation!  Thank you for the experience.”
Beverly Wall