Ep:58 An Interview with Copywriter & Author, Bob Bly


Main Street Author Podcast—Episode #58

On this episode of the Main Street Author Podcast, I am having a conversation with world-famous copywriter and author, Bob Bly.

In my opinion, Bob Bly is one of the living legends in direct response marketing.

Bob is a copywriter and consultant with 30 years of experience in business-to-business, high-tech, online, and direct marketing.

Bob has authored over 100 books (many which I own) and countless articles for a variety of publications.


I had the opportunity to meet Bob back in 2011 at a Ted Nicholas event. Since then, I have continued to read his books and email newsletters.

To learn more about Bob and get four free special reports from Bob (worth over $100), visit Bly.com/reports.

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