Ep:105 Author & Productivity Coach, Daniel Sih

Episode #105

On this episode of The Author Factor Podcast (formerly The Main Street Author Podcast) I am having a conversation with author and productivity coach, Daniel Sih.


Daniel is a trainer, coach and keynote speaker. He is the founder of Spacemakers, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders.

Daniel is also the author of the book, Spacemaker - How to Unplug, Unwind and Think Clearly in the Digital Age, which won the Australian Business Book Award in 2021 for personal development.

This is an interesting conversation on several levels, but one note to point out, it took Daniel seven years to write this book. His story of perseverance is encouraging for all as this nugget he shared with me.


Learn more about Daniel by visiting www.Spacemakers.com.au.

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