Episode #102

On this episode, I am having a conversation with speaking expert & author, Steve Lowell.


Steve is an award-winning, global speaker and for over 30 years he has been training and mentoring executives, thought-leaders and professional speakers around the world to deliver high-impact keynote speeches, drive revenue from the platform and build wealth through speaking.

A three-time number one international best selling author, Steve is a sought-after expert helping thought leaders and sales teams sell more by changing the way they speak.

He is the author of the book, Deep Thought Strategy.

Two important notes about this interview with Steve:

1-At around the 10:00 minute mark, he shares a unique way to think about a "deep thought strategy."

2-At around18:50 minute mark, he shares a unique technique to give away a copy of his book from the stage.

You can learn more about Steve by visiting SteveLowell.com.

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