The Power of Personalized & Handwritten Business Thank You Notes

In this day and age where everybody is looking for the next shiny object to improve their business, there’s a simple solution immediately available to every business owner and entrepreneur!

It’s expressing your appreciation and gratitude to friends, customers, clients, and colleagues by sending handwritten thank you notes.

Today, when 99% of people complain of too many emails, text messages, advertisements, and intrusions, NOBODY is complaining about receiving too many thank you notes and cards!

This is an important leverage point for everybody watching this video!

You should be using handwritten business thank you notes:

  • When you get a new client, customer, patient
  • When an existing client, customer, patient gives you a new project
  • When someone make a referral to your company
  • When a peer gives you helpful advice
  • As a follow-up after a meeting or phone call
  • For a job well done by an employee, vendor, or associate
  • When someone shows you an act of kindness
  • Or whenever you simply feel like making somebody’s day a bit brighter!

Here are a few helpful business thank you card tips you should keep in mind when determining what type of card you would like to send:

  • Make your own card!
  • Use a “tent” design for more space to write a note (and so someone could place on their desk as a reminder)!
  • Hand write your message and envelope (use a high quality pen)
  • Use CopyDoodles, CopyComics, CopyStamps, photos, caricatures, etc.. to personalize your thank you card and make it unique!
  • Use a unique, first-class stamp (think one that even may tie in with your business)

Below is an example of a thank you card I currently use in my business:


This is a great personalized thank you card I received in the mail from Mara Glazer at Glazer-Kennedy (nothing wrong with a bit of humor!).

gkic thankyou1gkic thankyou2

Below is a thank you card I received from James Malinchak and is a great example of how to maximize the real-estate of the envelope and card.

james thankyou2

james thankyou1

If you’re looking to create your own thank you card to send to your customers, clients, and patients, check out the brand new CopyDoodles Gratitude Card CopyTemplate which was just posted in the CopyDoodles Access Club site.

With this Gratitude CopyTemplate you receive:

  • 6 customizable card templates ready for you to edit
  • 165 unique gratitude-themed CopyDoodles
  • Six unique Thanksgiving-Themed CopyComics
  • The ability to mix and match to design your own card

thankyou cardsthankyoucomic

For more information on handwritten business thank you notes and the November 2011 CopyTemplate, check out the below CopyDoodles TV episodes and blog posts:

I’d love to hear the ways you’re using handwritten thank you notes in your business and your thoughts on receiving them.

Please leave all your comments below.