The Art of Storytelling and Storyselling (with Roy Furr)


On this episode of The Author Factor Podcast titled, The Art of Storytelling and Storyselling, I am joined by copywriter, Roy Furr.

During our discussion, Roy shared some of his key insights, which I believe offer valuable takeaways for all aspiring writers, publishers, and marketers looking to make their mark. Here are some of the key takeaways from my conversation with Roy Furr:

1. Writing is not easy, but it's worth it - Roy acknowledges that writing can be challenging and emotionally draining, but it's worth it in the end. By being persistent and committed, he has managed to build a successful career as a writer, marketer, and entrepreneur.

2. Storytelling is key - Roy understands that great stories are the foundation of successful marketing. He has made it his mission to help others become expert storytellers and marketers in their own right.

3. Use stories to sell - By using stories to sell, Roy is able to connect with his target audience on a deep and emotional level. He emphasizes that storytelling is not just about entertaining your audience, but about inspiring action and making them want to buy.

4. Short books can be highly effective - Despite his success as a writer, Roy is not afraid to experiment with different formats. He has found great success with his short books, which offer valuable insights and information in a condensed and easy-to-digest format.

5. Focus on principles and strategy - Roy emphasizes that success in writing, publishing, and marketing requires a solid foundation of principles and strategy. By focusing on these key elements and adapting tactics and techniques to different industries and markets, you can build a successful and sustainable business.

This episode of The Author Factor Podcast with Roy Furr was jam-packed with valuable insights and takeaways for aspiring writers, publishers, and marketers.

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