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My buddy Karl Bryan has undertaken a huge initiative – to start a new digital magazine published specifically for business consultants and coaches – and I am trying to help him.

It’s called The Six Figure Coach Magazine and you can get a free subscription here.

The current issue is available and in it you will find an article, by me, on the history of mastermind groups and a several other valuable articles including:

  • Coaching Lessons Learned from Tony Robbins
  • Interview with David Frey and Martin Howey
  • The Top 150 Up and coming Marketing Coaches to Watch Online
  • Using LinkedIn With Josh Turner
  • How to Be the Trump of Social Media
  • And more!

The magazine is beautifully designed and the content is top-notch (in this issue alone there are more than 15 useful articles).  If you are in the business of helping other business owners, grabbing your free subscription is a no-brainer.  Visit:

Speaking of mastermind groups – have you checked out my “virtual mastermind summer school?”  It starts this June – visit for details and to reserve your seat.

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