How One Smart Marketer Got a $130 Return On Every Dollar He Spent on Marketing

In a recent master mind meeting I lead, Justin Stranere (one of my members) showed a simple little ad he created that cost him $25, yet within the first few weeks has generated more than $3,200 in revenue and several other new client leads for his business.

If you do the math… that’s a return on investment of $130 for every dollar he spent – not bad, huh?  I want to share what Justin did because it’s a classic example of three important strategies.

First, Justin understands the importance of getting attention and standing out.  Second it uses the power of testimonials and third it shows Justin’s ability to get things done and not worry about perfection.

I also want to share it with you because it’s such a simple strategy ANYBODY reading this post can use.

So what did Justin do to get such an amazing return on investment?  Did he spend weeks reading books on how to create an ad?  Did he look at what his competition was doing and do the same?  Did he spend hours upon hours “researching?”

Not quite.

Justin took out one of those little business card ads in a local publication (a good market to media match), but rather than simply photocopy his business card (like everyone else does) Justin used my site and created something that looked like a handwritten testimonial from one of his clients.

Click on the ad to see the larger version and tell me that Justin’s ad doesn’t get your attention when compared to all the other “business cards?”

It’s beautifully simple in its effectiveness and its ability to capture attention.

Now the funny thing is when Justin shared this with our group, we all immediately started to try to “fix it” and make it better.  Sure he could have made an offer.  Sure he could have offered multiple ways to respond.  But you can’t argue with success.

He’s already gotten one deal worth over $3K and several other new leads that could turn his measly $25 investment into one of his most successful marketing efforts this year.

In this day and age of marketing that looks the same wherever you go, it’s critical you create marketing that stands out and gets attention.   Whatever you do, don’t create “plain vanilla” marketing!

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