A Wise Lesson From Napoleon Hill

Last week I was in Cleveland, Ohio as a guest of world-famous copywriter Dan Kennedy for his Business of Copywriting Academy.  Dan asked me to speak on the topic of copy cosmetics and how copywriters can increase their value to clients by learning how to improve response with copy cosmetics (“copy cosmetics” are timeless design strategies to improve readability and response of copy).

Mike Capuzzi Speaking

Mike Capuzzi presenting at Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy

This intense two-day workshop was designed to help professional copywriters improve their business by learning the fundamental marketing and business strategies Dan is so famous for.  Dan literally pealed back the curtains to his own copywriting business and showed attendees the nuts, bolts (and even warts) of how he built a seven figure copywriting business.

Mike Capuzzi Dan Kennedy

Mike Capuzzi & Dan Kennedy

Even though I was a guest, I still took pages of notes and was reminded of so many important success strategies we all need to be aware of in our businesses.  The most fundamental being one I first read from Napoleon Hill in his September 1921 edition of his magazine, “Hill’s Golden Rule.”

Napoleon Hill Golden Rule Magazine

The September 1921 issue of Napoleon Hill’s “Hill’s Golden Rule”

In the issue of his magazine, Napoleon Hill wrote an article entitled “The End of the Rainbow,” where he described a number of turning points in his life and how they affected his path to success.

One idea in particular was fundamental to all others and in Hill’s own words, he writes,

“Here I got hold of the idea that it would pay me to perform more service and better service than what I was actually paid to perform.  This idea has become a fixed principle with me, and it now modifies all of my actions wherein I render service.”

Take a moment and re-read Hill’s words.  While I am sure the idea is not new to you, Hill’s simple idea is profound and truly a key to success for everybody reading this article.   Imagine if every business owner would deliver MORE service and BETTER service than what he or she was actually paid for.

I wonder what this would look like? And more importantly how can you and I make sure we are following this fundamental principle?

After being reminded by both Dan Kennedy and Napoleon Hill, I spent this past weekend remapping some of my own business strategies to ensure I was delivering more than what my own clients and customers were expecting and paying for.

The big result was a “new member” campaign together for members of my soon-to-be-released CopyDoodles Access Club.  My goal is to create an extraordinary experience for all new members and to do as much as I possibly can to help them improve their own businesses.   The campaign consists of emails, direct mail and a very valuable, surprise bonuses that all new members will receive automatically – and without them having to ask.

In 2010, no entrepreneur or business owner can afford to have gaps in their business and marketing.  Now is a great time to consider tightening up your own business practices.


  1. Justin Stranere on May 19, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Great insight here Mike thanks for sharing. It looks like you guys had a great experience at the Copyrighting Academy and I am sure you gave just as much insight as you gained as you set the bar at delivering more service than anticipated.

    thanks for the insight,

    Justin Stranere
    Proud member of GKIC-philly