Announcing the CopyDoodles® Success Strategies Webinar Series!

One of the best ways to improve your marketing is to watch what other smart marketers are doing and figure out a way Mike Mclean & Mike Capuzzito use those same successful strategies in your business.

With this in mind, I am launching a series of free, LIVE CopyDoodles® Success Strategies webinars where I will interview some of the best and most relevant marketers I know, who are creating extraordinary marketing with extraordinary results.

These are not going to be the typical “interview the guru” type webinars you are familiar with. Instead, my goal is to showcase everyday entrepreneurs who are getting big results with their marketing.

Each webinar will be jam-packed with useful content you can take to the bank!

The first webinar is on August 12, 2010 at 8:00 PM EDT and my special guest is Renegade Marketer, Michael McLean.

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Michael is a former professional hockey coach and now runs a super-successful insurance agency in Canada. He is also the founder of Renegade Insurance Marketing where he helps hundreds of other insurance agency owners create more profitable marketing in their businesses with his Renegade Insurance Marketing program.

In 2009, Michael was awarded the 2009 Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Marketer of the Year Award for his phenomenal marketing strategies and results.

Over the years, Michael has created some of the most attention-grabbing, outside-the-box marketing techniques I’ve ever seen and because of his impressive results and unique use of CopyDoodles, I’ve asked Michael to share some of his biggest tips and strategies for you.

Click here to reserve your seat at the next CopyDoodles® Success Strategies webinar.

You’re guaranteed to get some big, BOLD ideas from Michael and discover what’s working now! On this webinar, Michael will be sharing:

  • How he’s used CopyDoodles to create BIG bumps in his direct mailings
  • His unique techniques for using CopyDoodles to create personality in his printed newsletters
  • How and why he uses CopyDoodles in his emails, web sites and squeeze pages
  • H ow he “CopyDoodled” his recent television commercial campaign with a big bump in response!
  • His philosophy on how to market with success in 2010 and beyond!

This webinar will be 100% content and one you won’t want to miss. Join Michael and me on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

Click here to reserve your seat at the next CopyDoodles® Success Strategies webinar.


  1. Wael Mahmoud on August 16, 2010 at 7:21 am

    Hi Mike

    I listened to your webinar with Michael McLean last Friday. Thank You. It was great.

    Many Thanks