Announcing an Elite Dan Kennedy Newsletter Added to the High Impact Marketing Club Benefits

I’m pleased to announce the addition of an exclusive Dan Kennedy newsletter, that is near and dear to my marketing heart, to the already impressive list of member benefits for my brand new High Impact Marketing Club!

The newsletter is one I have been a subscriber to since 2009 and it’s Dan Kennedy’s LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER copywriting newsletter.


In addition to Dan Kennedy’s laws and principles of copywriting for more than 10 years, I’ve had the good fortune of being asked by Dan himself to speak at three of his high-ticket workshops over the years, including one dedicated to the craft of professional copywriting (picture above).  I was also asked by Dan to contribute a chapter in his Ultimate Sales Letter book (4th edition) on the topic of copywriting cosmetics (click here to read article).

To say I am a fan and life-long student of Dan Kennedy copywriting is an understatement, which is why I am so pleased to be able to include his LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER as a member benefit.



LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER is a Dan Kennedy newsletter focused on the craft of writing direct response copy.  First published in 2004, Look Over My Shoulder is a behind the scenes look at how Dan creates copy for his clients.  He goes into great detail into the thought process and strategy for writing engaging copy.  As you probably know, Dan is known for creating some of the highest converting sales copy and helping others do the same thing.

His fees to write copy for clients often reach into six-figure budgets and there’s a GOOD reason for that.

His copy gets attention, converts that attention into response and makes his clients (and himself) big bucks!

LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER gives you the opportunity to peer over Dan’s shoulder as he crafts his amazing copy, so you can see first-hand how to do the same thing in your business.

Whether it’s a lead generation piece, an online sales letter or a full-blown direct mail campaign… whatever Dan is currently working on… you’ll get to see it in action, working his way through raw material, handcrafting a sales copy masterpiece and if you’ve ever written any sales copy then you already know the what a challenge this is.

Which is why feeding your mind with a Dan Kennedy newsletter buffet of his strategies, techniques and methods will help you unleash a flood of ideas for your own marketing campaigns, because there’s no better inspiration to write great copy, than to be continuously exposed to great copy.


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“LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER is sometimes 8 pages, sometimes 20, occasionally 50.

I never know until I assemble it each month, because it comes 90% from actual copywriting work I’m embroiled in at the moment; new projects, projects in progress, finished projects for my clients and for businesses in which I have an interest.

Each LOS contains actual EXAMPLES of the work-in raw, down ‘n dirty draft stage or finished or

somewhere in between, sometimes merely there to study with general comments, other times dissected like a frog in biology class with each piece an analyzed in microscopic detail.

One way or another, I don’t just show you what I did – I tell you why I did it. And most importantly, this is NOT like any number of “newsletters” where some fresh-faced kid right out of college and appointed editor is “reviewing” ads and websites and direct-mail campaigns. This is the guy doing it and getting paid big money to do it showing ‘n telling what and why.

Along with the Examples and specific analysis, I also “teach” almost every month, talking about what’s going on in my copywriting life, and extracting principle s, strategies, even handy checklists from the work. Now and then I show you somebody else’s work or stuff from my personal archives, too. You also see the “mistakes” – not just the home runs.

Admittedly, the whole thing is pretty inconsistent. It’s definitely not a polished ‘n pretty newsletter with fancy graphics and pictures and pastel color s. I prepare it myself on my Mac, print it out, attach the Examples, and it gets copied just like that. And the content, as I said, varies based on whatever I’m working on – and to a degree, my mood.

It’s a lot closer to coming to my workplace for a few hours, pawing around in my work-stacks and maybe even trash cans, and saying “Hey, what’s this?” and getting me talking about some of the work than it is a slick, glossy, pretty, carefully thought out , and sanitized magazine.

There’s nuthin’ else like it, that’s for sure.”



LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER is a must-read Dan Kennedy newsletter for any serious direct marketing and copywriting student, which is why I have decided to include it as a brand-new High Impact Marketing Club Prime membership benefit, alongside my world famous CopyDoodles, Smart Ideas newsletter, High Impact Marketing Academy and more.  Dollar for dollar you will be hard-pressed to find a more valuable membership offering for the serious business owner who wants to craft better copy and marketing.   You can read more and join the High Impact Marketing Club by clicking here and as a special, Capuzzi-only bonus when you join the High Impact Marketing Club at any membership level, I will give you the very first issue of LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER  from 2004 as a gift from me and Dan’s LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER publisher, Pete Lillo!


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