Direct Marketing Software: 5 CopyDoodles Techniques to Jazz Up Order Forms!

Order forms, response forms, action forms, credit card authorization forms, and legal documents all generally look the same and can glaze over the reader’s eyes unless you do something to spice them up such as adding CopyDoodles direct marketing software graphics.

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to cover some really simple tactics you can use with CopyDoodles direct marketing software to quickly enhance the readability of your order forms.

Below are two real life examples of forms that, due to the use of direct marketing software such as CopyDoodles, were very successful in capturing the attention of attendees and increasing sales.

The example on the left is an order form I used at a live speaking event and the example on the right is from one of our CopyDoodles direct marketing software customer, Susan Berkley. Susan recently sent this order form to me with the note that this order form performed much better than her typical order form.

As you can see in the above examples, there are several ways you can use handwritten notes to capture attention on your forms:

1. Call attention to your deadline – if you want potential customers to hand their order forms in by the end of the day, make a statement on your form with the use of a stamp!
CopyDoodles direct marketing software allows you to digitally create your own personalized stamps without the mess and hassle of typical stamps.

As you can see in the example on the right, I added a CopyStamp in the top left corner which helped to boost the number of respondents. On Susan’s order form on the right hand side, she used red CopyDoodles to call attention to her deadline by stating, “Today Only!,” “Act Now!,” and “Hurry!” Adding a second color greatly increases attention-grabbing power.

2. Use CopyDoodles direct marketing software to create handwritten bullet points! – Placing bullet points on order forms is a great strategy to use, but makes an even bigger impact when they have a handwritten look and feel.

Both of the above order forms are using handwritten check mark bullet points to describe their offer to potential customers.

3. Create arrows to draw your reader’s eye to important areas – Both order forms above also use arrows created with CopyDoodles direct marketing software to call attention to very important areas of the document.

These are great to use around your offer so readers engage with the benefits of purchasing today. They are also a great way to capture your reader’s eye and direct them down the order form to areas where they can enter their personal information.

The above techniques are very simple to implement on any order forms you are using when speaking or sending out to customers, especially if you are using CopyDoodles direct marketing software.

4. Use CopyDoodles to cross out “normal pricing” – Though not seen on the above examples, crossing out the original price on your order forms to then display a discounted price is a very effective way to get increased attention.

CopyDoodles direct marketing software has numerous different lines, large X’s, and other ways to easily and effectively make a statement to readers you are offering a very special price!

5. Finally, one final tip – NEVER name your order forms – “order forms.” I’m using the term amongst ourselves for this article, but the phrase “order form” is typically translated to “I need to spend money”, which is not what how you want people to think about your offer.

I like using names like “Activation Form”, “Fast Action Form”, etc. Subtle tweaks like this make all the difference in the world.

These techniques can be used both offline and online to boost response, increase readability, and make your forms look more personal and unique.

Do you have any special techniques that work for you on your forms? I’d love to hear any comments you have, including comments regarding the use of CopyDoodles direct marketing software program, in your posts below!


  1. Brent Allan on April 9, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    As always, Mike, your post is spot on. Copy cosmetics can pretty much improve any written or online marketing piece.