5 Reasons to Get into the Info-Marketing Game

The ability to leverage your knowledge, expertise and passion to help others (while getting paid nicely and working the way you want to work) is an entrepreneur’s dream come true!

I call this is the promise of info-marketing – and when done right building an information-marketing or info-publishing business, either as an add-on to your existing business or as a new business, can be a huge game-changer for you!

I have done this and I have helped many others do it too!

Information-marketing can be one of the most lucrative (and fun) businesses and if you’re not familiar with the concept, you should take some time and research the possibilities.  As I see it, you can leverage information-marketing in one of two ways:

  • Use info-marketing strategies to help increase and improve your current primary business.
  • Build a completely new business and income stream, which leverages your knowledge, expertise and passion!

In this article, I want to share five reasons I believe all entrepreneurs should consider getting into the info-marketing game.

1. Increase Your Level of Influence and Credibility in Your Existing Business
Building a stronger and more visible platform is important for all business owners and info-marketing and publishing can help you get there quicker and more effectively.  Tapping into the power of book and newsletter publishing, live events and media exposure can get you to the next level.

Mike Capuzzi - Info Marketing Game

2. Create Valuable Lead-Generation Products and Close More Sales
By getting in the info-marketing game, you can completely differentiate you and your business from the competition.  My private clients, Jeff and Ben at Gardner’s Mattress and More, are doing a tremendous job with this (so much so they are now considering licensing some of their content to other retailers).

Mike Capuzzi - Info Marketing Game

3. Turn Niche Expertise Into New Income Streams
This can be a real game-changer for you!  If you have a specific niche expertise that others want to have (and are willing to pay for), you can create an amazingly profitable new business with books, seminars, newsletters, educational courses, software, “done for you” services and a lot more.  In many cases, this new business provides the exit pathway for getting out of the initial primary business.

4. Segue From a “Dollars for Hours” Business to Building Multiple Leverage Points
This is my info-marketing story and it’s similar to many other successful entrepreneurs.  Once you catch the info-marketing bug, it’s hard to turn back.  Years ago, when all my income was dependent on “dollars for hours” consulting, if I wasn’t working with a client – I wasn’t getting paid.  Today I have multiple income streams and if one slows down, I have others to back it up.  Knowing how to effectively build new and profitable info-marketing channels is like money in the bank!

Mike Capuzzi - Info Marketing Game

5. Have Fun, Make Money and Give Back!
Building a profitable business centered around HOW you want to work and with WHOM you want to work with is a huge benefit of getting into the info-marketing game.  Regardless if you want to be a six-figure “business of one” or build an eight-figure “business of many”, information marketing and information publishing can get you there.  It also enables you to give back both in time and money to personally important causes (on a side note, I used several info-marketing strategies to help a local non-profit create one of their most successful fund-raising drives ever).

There are many resources available to the aspiring info-marketing and I would suggest you check out the Information Marketing Association (http://www.info-marketing.org) and various Dan Kennedy resources (who has often been called the godfather of info-marketing).

About Mike Capuzzi

Mike is a publisher, Amazon # best-selling author, and coach for business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders looking to stand out from the competition by authoring, publishing and leveraging short, helpful books. He is the author of 19 books, including two Amazon #1 Best Sellers. Learn more about his publishing opportunities at BiteSizedBooks.com.


  1. Martin J. Fischer on May 29, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Hey Michael,

    Great Article! I have been a consumer of your information for a long time!!! You always have the best stuff!!



    • Mike Capuzzi on May 30, 2013 at 8:19 am

      Thanks Martin – appreciate the note!

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