Mike Capuzzi Speaks At Dan Kennedy’s “Business Of Copywriting Academy”

Hey Guys!

Well I’m on the road again today this time to Cleveland, OH to speak at Dan Kennedy’s “Business of Copywriting

Dan Kennedy Mike Capuzzi

Dan and Carla Kennedy stopped by to say hi to my wife Becky and I at the booth.


I am going to be one of only three guest speakers at Dan’s event and I’ll be speaking on the topic of Copy Cosmetics.

The workshop is for professional copywriters and they’ll be there to learn how to improve their marketing and business.

I’m excited to talk to this group because as you know, copy cosmetics is really my expertise.

I’m also excited to talk about the release CopyDoodles¬ģ Access Club or ‚ÄúCopyDoodles 2.0‚ÄĚ as some folks have been calling it because it really is the future of CopyDoodles¬ģ.

CopyDoodles¬ģ Access Club allows you as a CopyDoodles customers to access all your powerful, attention-grabbing content ‚Äst even faster and easier than before!¬† And here’s the good news,¬† CopyDoodles¬ģ Access Club includes CopyDoodles, CopyComics, CopyFonts, CopyFlash, and our innovative CopyGenerators.

So make sure to check back to my blog often as I’m hoping to post some pictures and notes from Dan’s “Business Of Copywriting Academy” and I also plan on sending out some tweets and updating my Facebook page.

Talk to you soon.


About Mike Capuzzi

Mike is a publisher, Amazon # best-selling author, and coach for business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders looking to stand out from the competition by authoring, publishing and leveraging short, helpful books. He is the author of 19 books, including two Amazon #1 Best Sellers. Learn more about his publishing opportunities at BiteSizedBooks.com.


  1. Dave Harrington on May 6, 2010 at 9:25 pm


    Just happened to visit the IMA website this afternoon and saw the post about you speaking at Dan’s copywriting event in Cleveland.

    What a great way to expose copywriters who may not be as immersed in Planet Dan (and as such exposed to CopyDoodles)as the inveterate gang who gathered in Dallas last week at the Super Conference.

    Here’s to another successful presentation, sir.

    Best regards,

    Dave Harrington

    • Mike Capuzzi on May 7, 2010 at 12:04 am


      Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time and leaving your comments. I’m glad business owners appreciate the power of copydoodles.

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