New CopyDoodles Edition & Much More Just Released!

As part of my promise to my CopyDoodles Gold Members, we’ve just added a ton of new response-boosting content on our CopyDoodles member site, including a brand new CopyDoodles edition – the Carly Edition.

The Carly Edition is a set of over 790 new CopyDoodles in a unique handwriting style.  As part of the release, we’ve included the matching Carly Edition CopyFont.

This month we’ve also added our “While You Were Out” CopyTemplate-of-the-Month.  This fun, attention-grabbing piece is perfect for postcards, flyers or large self-mailers.  It resembles the pink notes we are all familiar with and it’s sure to grab the attention of your readers.

And finally, we added 20 new CopyComics, bringing the total number of CopyComics to 335.  CopyComics are fun, attention-grabbing cartoons designed for marketers.  You can even customize their captions with our CopyComic Generator!

If your not yet a member, please visit:

And don’t forget about our CopyDoodles Challenge!  We’ve been getting some neat submittals so don’t miss your chance to win a one-day mastermind experience with me and a great group of entrepreneurs in Philadelphia and join us to watch a Phillies game in my private suite! 


  1. Marshall on May 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Wish there was a 7 day trial, or something that would allow me to use the copydoodles on a couple of email blasts to our double opt-in list, and see if we get any lift in conversion.

    Seems much of the examples is for physical printed materials, rather than online sales messages.

    Best Fishes,

    Farm 2 Market
    direct line: 607 498 5448
    “For fresher fish you need a pole.”
    > > >

  2. Mike Capuzzi on May 26, 2010 at 11:42 am


    We do allow a 7 day trial. Check it out at